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22 million people living in five boroughs

Another day, another snow storm, but when you root for the World Champs, nothing can bring you down …

Did you read that Stark article on ESPN?


Fuck yeah. 13 of 14 experts say the Red Sox have the best lineup in the A.L.


"The best, hands-down. They can all crush you, one through nine." …


A mofo "relentless" offense. Relentless.


And whitha our dear slappahs to the South?


Lots of "age and health concerns" doncha know. Getting oldah by the moment.


And Giambi is their fucking "X-factor"? Holy fuck that's sweet.


Yeah, why do I get the feeling Giambi isn't going to be like that dude from Wilco … you know gets off the dope but is still good? Poor New Yankahs.


Yeah, but lucky for them they can take comfort in knowing they are part of the enormous engine of the global economy and home to hundreds of world class museums and shit.


22 million people living in five boroughs of which, alas, none are the home of the defending World Champion baseball club.


[singing in a "new wave" voice] New York, London, Paris, Munich, talk about chin muzik. Talk about chin muzik.


Sing it on your falling apaht subway, you Christo lovin' bitches. Chin, chin, chin Muzik. Chin, chin, chin Muzik.



Talk about your Uberline-up, and now they are twice as dangerous because early pitcher has heard they're dangerous. h.b., not just under their skin, way inside their heads, most importantly, those of the Stinkees.

About the fracas in the comments to yesterday's strip, I will borrow from the Bard: "The ladies (not a mispelling) doth protest too much!"

Translation into parlance folks from those 5 boroughs might understand: "Shut your f***ing pie-hole!"

Sox rule!

I want to drape Kenmore Square in monstrous bolts of soft, velvetine fabric at the cost of $20 million.

Naw. What city would be dumb enough to think that was art? (BU, class of '99, BA in Art History)

OT, but here is the summary of an article linked to on Fark:

"New soccer ball beeps upon crossing goal line. Up next: baseball that questions sexual orientation of baserunner when slapped out of infielder's hand"

Technically it was a pitcher's, not infielder's, hand, but that shit is yularious anyway.

That Stark suggests a distinction between getting on base (Sox) v. simply "mashing" (NYY)is crucial.

It's all well and good when your bombers tee off on weak pitching. Quality pitching generally nullifies those who simply swing for the fence--the 2004 ALCS proved this. Millar works a walk to set up Dave Roberts' steal in GM 4. Other than Matsui, it appeared the entire Spank line-up was swinging to end the game.

That's what you get when you sign clean-up hitting All-Stars 1-9...

Yeah, 22,000,000 / 5...too many people, too expensive, too much pressure. PERSONALLY, NYC isn't worth it once you get the compulsive bar-hopping, etc. out of your system.


I'll come clean - my family is transplanted from New York. My dad was born and raised in Brooklyn, and his single reason for doing well in school was his deathly fear of living the rest of his life there. (Incidentally it was his love for the Dodgers that engendered a deep hatred of the Yankees and the cultivation of love for his adopted city in his youngsters - his words: "the only people who root for the Yankees are self-impressed business types and losers with real inferiority complexes. And even the business fans don't hang around when the team doesn't win.")

New York's fun to visit on occasion, and if I had a quadrillion dollars I might keep a 4th penthouse there. But beyond that I'm glad I don't live there. Boston's booming tech sector has kept me in cheddar since I graduated college (BU 2000 - what's up da kine!)

I'm sure people talk about Boston in NY as much as we talk about NY in Boston - that is, when the issue is raised in conversation. And that conversation, like h.b. says, is generally about baseball. And we're defending champs - that generally ends the debate.

Re: ending the debate.

So true illegitimate. Out here in western Mass, we get our share of transient Stinkees' fans, especially in the college towns of Amherst, etc. One was in a local drinking establishment this Saturday wearing his lame NY hat on at the bar. As luck would have it, Fox was replaying the 2004 WS (God help me, I never get sick of watching that and the 2004 ACLS). On the way to the men's room, I took the opportunity to exclaim, "Holy shit, what's that on the tube, the Red Sox, winning the World Series!" Nothing. Except for the "Ohhh's!" from the surrounding Red Sox faithful to acknowledge this loser's utter humiliation. Amazing. Not a word. As a matter of fact, when I returned to the bar, the dude had removed his hat. Unreal. I live for this shit. (if we're sharing local collegiate credentials, Holy Cross 1984)

The Brooklyn Dodgers...they finally win it all in 55 and the team moves across the country 2 years later.

Amazing history. I looked it up and I'm astonished at the one "up" and many downs of Brooklyn Dodger fans.

Yes, the Yankees were the primary tormentor.

"New York's fun to visit"

...there it is.

I love New York, and I love the Sawx.

There, I said it.

I had a friend up this weekend, and he has lived in and around NYC for 6 years. He doesn't care about the yankees, and never has. He said few people he knows and work with talk about them.

He loved it up here, and now is making plans to come back up next month. I would like to think he wants to return just to hang out with me, but he bought three maps and two books at the bookstore, and is just fascinated by the idea of exploring Boston's culture and History. He said New York is not nearly as fun in such a laid back way, whatever that means.

That's my 2 cents

My post about NYC (a quote from Wikipedia that took 5 seconds to find) prompted you to do a whole strip in response! I am flattered... and the strip proves my original point -- Bostonians obsess about NY but *not* vice-versa.

Oh, and you also felt the need to post a comment the gist of which is, "People like where they live, even in Dallas -- not everyone wants to live in New York, you know! OK?!?!"

"I've got you under my skin"... perhaps it should be played at all Boston municipal events?

"My post about NYC (a quote from Wikipedia that took 5 seconds to find)
prompted you to do a whole strip in response! I am flattered... and the
strip proves my original point -- Bostonians obsess about NY but *not*

The characters in the strip really don't like New Yorkers or New York. That's the bigger point. You can call it an "obsession" if you'd like.

FWIW The characters in the strip also denigrate Baltimore just as often, if not more, than New York. (We'll except for that time when Doug was at Yankee Stadium.)

And they've said nasty things about, well, just about everyone and everything.

I kind of think they are obsessive in general. But what the fuck do I know?

Remember it's supposed to be fun...

I liked seeing the Sox referred to as 'The defending champion Red Sox' on ESPN's front page.

That is effin cool.

This still has not sunk all the way in yet.

h.b., thanks for the reminder of the darker days back in July when some took them for dead.
"Gone-see-ya-parra" indeed. That's a good, sobering reality check. The only streak left to break is the 1998-2004 MFY hold on the division.

Two things tell me that spring draws near: 1) I'm giddy like a school girl as I wait for the new season and 2) the MFY fans have shown up here in the last week or so to talk that "wait till this year" shit. It's been a long, dark winter in NYC, I guess.

H.B., you have such a nice way of saying fuck off to these dinks that can't understand your blog. Me, I have no manners! Stick it up your ass, News flash!!!

SO. How about those Sox?!

Sox Rule.

This is like King of the Hill, where they denigrate Okla-homo and Loser-ana. And I like it.

My father is from Kansas City, and rooted for the Royals in the '70s and '80s, when they regularly took on the Spankees--and WON. My dad still has memories of George Brett carting Goose Gossage to the third deck in the '80 ALCS.

Yo, Nudes Flash:
Please, as a favor to all of society; Put on a Skankees hat and wear it to the St. Patty's Day parade in Southie. The rest will take care of itself.

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