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You dropped a bomb on me, baby

OK. So we've reached the mofo nadir in baseball news. There's nothing going on.


Well, there's the new MLB policy on steroids … Yawn.


It's so fucking dullsville around heah that even the Curly Haired Boyfriend is stuck writing puff pieces about The Trophy.


What's even saddah is I'm so fucking bored I actually read it. Leave it to his Shankiness to use something as innocuous as the World Series trophy to take a jab at the Red Sox writing," It is bigger and better than any ballplayer. It never leaves via free agency."


If nothing else, you've got to just step back and admire Curly for his fucking consistency.


Ratha than thinking outside the box, the dude's standing there motherfucking hammerin' the box shut from the inside.


Thank bejeebuz the Pentagon isn't as predictable as Shaughnessy, otherwise we'd nevah have fucking cool shit like the "Gay Bomb."


How the fuck do they test something like that?


Dude, don't tell me you've nevah seen a Euroweenie football club celebrate after a goal. Who do you think is behind that ass grabbing and smooching? That's right, motherfucking C-I-A.



Why don't they just make a bomb that stains the skin red, white, and blue. They have that blue dye for stolen money!

It is days like this when it hurts so much that there is still a month until pitchers and catchers report. I want spring training to start so bad I can't stand it. Thankfully there is a website such as the Soxaholix that I can check everyday to get some baseball. Keep up the good work.

I would like to see them drop the
gay bomb on Gene Simmons of Kiss. But
then again, being creepy and having
bad hair hasn't stopped him, I don't
think this will...

News like yesterday, where Schilling says he'll face Randy Johnson on Opening Day, makes me wonder if we could get a one-day suspension of the designated hitter rule. Wouldn't you love to see these two pitch to each other?

My biggest fear about the gay bomb, other than we use it and the wind shifts, is that it would land in the hands of Osama Bin Laden.

Check out the link:


After reading the title of today's Soxaholic, I got that song stuck in my head all day now...who was it...The Gap Band? Oh well, better that than 'Sweet Caroline' or 'Tessie'

The CHB has that ability many females have; to suck the fun and life out of something for no reason other than they can. Now that the "curse" is dead, what will he have to write about?

The mofo nadir? My first thought was this this gay bomb stuff was the beginning of a series on our own switcher Brandy Anderson...who shot his load hitting 50 big ones for the Birds. He played a sweet centerfield, though.

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