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Thumbs Up?

Congratulations to the Chicken Man for getting inducted into the Hall of Fame with 91.9 percent of the vote on a first time ballot!


Rider on Green Line:
Fantastic. I always liked Boggsie, though during his career the knock against him was that he was a selfish player.


Course he was selfish. You don't become a self-confessed sex addict without a narcissistic streak, do you? But 5 batting titles is an awesome achievement.


Rider on Green Line:
Hell yeah it is! Speaking of titles, you see where this poor sap with a Red Sox blog is getting trounced in the nascent Best of Blog Awards?


Ah, for fuck's sake. You know winning isn't everything (except when playing the Spankees) but it's just wrong seeing one of our own, a proud member of Red Sox Nation getting the smack down like that.


Hey, you know soccer is the most popular sport in the world.


Rider on Green Line:
So I keep getting reminded every four years. But the last time I checked, I still live in the country that doesn't give a rat's ass about world opinion, right? Besides I don't trust any sport that doesn't allow for the use of hands.


No shit. The fucking opposable thumb is nature's gift to the primates.


Rider on Green Line:
I heart my flippin' thumbs.


I bite my thumb at the hand hating soccer hooligans. [Laughs]


Rider on Green Line:
'Nuff said. Vote early. Vote often.



Congrats to Wade for getting the nod. I stopped hating him once he retired, as his move to the MF Spankees stopped raising my bile.

But why the fuck can't my man Jim Rice get a break? I love him like the monstrous homerun hitting uncle I never had. At least Daryl Strawberry only got, like, 3 votes.

I will begrudgingly give Wade his due even if he did ride around Stinky Stadium on a horse's butt (note to Wade: You would have looked a lot cooler if you hadn't been holding onto the NYC cop like a chick on the back of her old man's Harley), but the travesty, the gross oversight of not voting in Jimmy Rice is intolerable. Besides having one of the coolest sports names, which every Red Sox-loving kid in New England (including myself)used in backyard homerun derby games, was there a sweeter, more compact power swing in the 70's or 80's? And that little flip of the bat at the end...man did I spend a lot of time prefecting my imitation of that. Jimmy, you was robbed...again.

One can only hope that Big Jim Ed Rice will finally get his due one of these days...

And HB -- you got my vote, sirrah.

I had to jump through a few hoops but thankfully did not have to give up my left nut to vote for ya! =)

The soccer blog is embarrasing enough, but the Dodgers site is no two on the list. Ooooh, the agony.
They show up to the games late and leave early, but they care enough to vote for the best sports blog.
I smell a rat. It's the florida election all over again.

First of all the WiredHub.Net.com awards rank just a notch below the Oak Square Online Awards taking place in my kitchen. They can't even spell your effin' name right. Isn't there some chooch blog with the "ic?"

Just say the word and I can put you miles over the top in that silly competition. It will make the Bush spanking look like a photo finish.

Thanks for the votes.

And the Big Dog is soooo right about the BoB awards being pretty low key. I sure do appreciate the offer to send it over the top by way of BDD, but I better hold the card up my sleeve until I really need it for some other "people's choice" kind of thing.

I'll be content on this BoB thing if we can just overtake the other soccer blog.

I'm with the other members of Red Sox Nation.....Rice should be in before Boggs. Yeah yeah, 5 batting titles, blahblahblah, there is not a single bone in this Sox fans body that is ready to forgive either him or Clemens for going to the Dark Side.

The Bastard. Simmons wrote his latest article which spells out why I hate Boggs so much. How many times do you guys remember Boggs roping a line drive for a single when we needed a double, or taking a walk when we needed a hit?

Screw Boggs. I don't celebrate traitors.

And the fact that the man responsible for the Jimmy Fund has been denied AGAIN is a travesty.

How many kids practiced flipping their bats like Rice after the swing? Easily one of my favorite all time Sox. Screw MLB...

No, I'm not bitter...

Don't you worry, h.b. Soccer is for fucking losers.

And what about the stupid uniforms? Long sleeves with shorts and knee socks - they all look like they are extras from a Heidi movie. All they're missing is lederhosen. I wouldn't be suprised if they go to their games on the short bus.

On more thing. What self-respecting boy dreams of playing in the .......World Cup?! If I had told my grandfather (the first-generation Red Sox fan in my family) that I wanted to be a big-time soccer star, he would have bitch-slapped me.

My blog is being bitchslapped too, but I have to say mate this is an excellent blog.

I think I'll have to give you my vote, well at least one of them. You have to teach me to do this cartoon-like thingy, I'd love to try it.

Good luck next season, I am a RedSox fan as well, more a Pedro fan than anything else, but at least I have last season to cherish.

And Tito-follower...shut up mate, and it's not soccer...IT'S FOOTBALL!

I believe the truly sad thing about the blog list is that the Sex and Sox blog is not under either the sports or the sex blog lists. WTF?

Nice Romeo and Juliet reference by Bill today. And I agree, Tatiana's blog should be on there somewhere, but I think it's too new (only started in mid-October) to be nominated.

I voted...did you?

Fuck that cocksucker Boggs. More than once he sat out the last day or two just to win a batting title. In other Bogg's stories you won't in those schmooze pieces these local spineless writers don't dare to pen:

Ask him about the rolling car bit.(something to do with him or his wife somehow falling out of their car while driving around a corner) Or an example of how much he was loved by the fans: Right after his Mom was run over by a cement truck in Florida,I was at a Sox game. His first AB brought all the kiss ass Sox fans up for an SO. The next time up, some yahoo BEHIND the dugout stands up, blows one of those hand held airhorns and yells, "Lookout Mrs. Boggs!" Needless to say, said fan was escorted out by security. I stayed for the rest of the game so drop that thought. Lastly, you know that somehow during his acceptance speech, someone (or someone's) will start the greatest chant ever, "Margo, Margo, Margo."

Jim Rice is probably more pissed than a priest at a rained out Little League game. That HOF would be nice for Jim Ed and who can forget him breaking his wrist at the end of the 1975 season? We would've beat the Reds like a prison pudd if he was healthy. And we all thought he was a defensive liability until Mike Greenwell came along. Watching Mike Greenwell play the wall was like watching a moth banging into a porch light on a hot July night.
Mike Greenwell, remember the batting cage fight he started with Tony Pena? Well, I....never mind, it's late.

Our sincere aplogies for the missepelled title of the blog. Those Sox get no respect. But at least you have a history! I get to say I have never missed an opening day of my beloved Rockies (no not the hockey team).

Anti, I wouldn't call myself a fan of the RedSox if I was partial to only one player, who, by the way, is gone............mate! H.B., you got my vote.

I can't stand football (soccer), there's no way I would stay up aalll night to watch it the way I had to for three weeks last fall.
vote to get past the soccer blogs.

Nice grown up response from the US of A, a country which can tell us about dodgy elections.

Worlds most popular sport, or some passtime which resembles rounders.

All Quite all the way

To Steinbrenner killed Kennedy: little question on your feeling about Wady-boy. "...more pissed of than a priest at a little league game." GREAT ONE! I'm using it in my English class tomorrow!

Fair statement Joey, but for a long time Pedro and Nomar were the Sox.

To PAPesky: Thanks for the kudos! As far as the Boggys detesting, a long time ago, I took my son who was 5 to a game. Of course, it was raining like they talk about in the Old Testament when we got inside the park. Of course that ignorant ass mole Harrington waits the usual 2 hours of concession raping of fans before they call the game. My kid was more disappointed than a non-bribed FBI agent. We're walking outside the park in a monsoon when who walks right by us (and the 3 of us were all alone) but Boggs. I have never ever asked anyone for an autograph but I did ask him if he could take a second and shake my son's hand. (he had an umbrella, BTW) He gave me that same look Ed Sullivan gave Jackie Mason when he flipped him off on national TV and said "No" and kept walking. I stood there looking back at him in awe. Just then 2 women were walking by and they didn't recognize him. But that didn't stop him from talking to them. I'll never know what was said. Even though my kid was too young to realize what just happened, it pissed me off. Several years later, I happened to meet a popular Boston TV sports dude. He told me the biggest asshole he ever met was Boggs. So that sums up my lack of love yet stored up dislike.

Baseball!!!! Isn't that the same as softball????

Thanks for the laughs.

I just wish I knew what the L you lot are on about.

At least The Greatest Sport In The World doesn't expect its heroes to run for a couple of yards and stop for a gossip whilst wearing more protective gear than Evel Knievel ever needed.

And as for baseball, how come grown men enjoy something that only girls under the age of 12 play back in the real world.

That's it.
I'll stay All Quiet for now.

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