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These Slappy Days are yours and mine

I picked up Leigh Montville's Why Not Us? over the weekend and breezed right through it.


It's a good read, then?


Yeah, the opening chapter, where Montville describes his conversation beginning in '99 from a dispassionate, root for no team "professional sports columnist" back to the diehahd Sox fan he was as a kid is worth the price of admission on its own … And he's got a good collection of fan voices as well.


Yeah, but the only problem I have with the "voice of the Red Sox fan" thing is my own jealousy. I mean "Why Not Us?" how about "Why Not Me?" Hello? I've got a fucking story to tell ovah heah! [Laughs]


Speaking of fans, it's comforting to see that Yankees' fans are finally starting to go rabid froth at the mouth.


I love it when he says sick of hunting for the A-Fraud sissy-slap/purse image. Dude needs to bookmark that joint.


Funniest thing about that slappy purse image is it's so seared, seared into my memory that I can no longer envision the actual play without the photoshopped purse.


Little did Slappy McBluelips know that his sad and pitiful attempt to alter fate by cheating would become the premier Red Sox fan effigy of all time.


And inside that little black purse are the voices of every Yankees fan who evah uttered the words "Bucky effin Dent" or chanted "1918"to a Red Sox fan.


Voices now and foreveh silenced.



Ahhhh, schadenfreude is a wonderful thing when it comes at the expense of Yankees fans.

AFraud wasn't carrying a purse down the first base line? I could of swore...

And he perpetrated that fraud against the very burly and massive Arroyo, why didn't Slappy just get it over with a punch out a bat girl and steal her lunch money. The best thing about that link to the Stankee fan's blog is that is just goes to show how deep inside the MFYs' head Schilling and the boys are. Let the psychological warfare begin!

I can already hear the boos on opening day when Slappy comes out...

Incidentally, what are the chances of getting opening day tickets at this point? Is there any chance at all? Being in Tennessee makes things a bit more challenging when it comes to keeping up with the tickets dealios.

I bought my Dad the T-shirt with that image on the front (via this very web site) for his birthday this November. It was his 80th birthday, and with the emphysema and all he's not doing much dancing, if you take my meaning. But when I walked in the door the next time I drove out to see him over Christmas, there he was sitting in his chair, oxygen tubes and all, with that T-shirt on and a big grin!

Regarding tickets, one thing I know I'll be doing this year as long as the air fare wars continue is flying out to see road games. Tampa Bay is definitely on my list. Baltimore as well. Maybe Arlington via SouthWest out of ManchVegas.

I totally hear that, h.b. I'm looking at Seattle, KC, Anaheim (oops, I mean "Los Angeles of Anaheim") and maybe Baltimore. With the way ticket prices are going, airplane and park tickets would be cheaper than going to Fenway.

Get a load of Slappy's comments just posted on ESPN.com .....and I quote:

A-Rod sees no slight at Jeter in Steinbrenner's mandate. In fact, he's quick to point out, "This is still Jeter's team because he's the captain. But my approach is not to be everyone's best friend. My approach is to win championships. The only way to do that is to be myself, and to take care of my world. With my talent people will follow naturally."

This guy's ego is bigger than the anchor he put around his own neck last October...what a braying moron!

Fucking lamest blog I've ever seen- looks and reads like a wanna-be hipster portfolio piece.

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