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Ringing Indy's Bell

How come I nevah work at a place that closes for MLK day? What is the ol' boss man Scrivener against letting freedom ring or what?


Quit your bitchin' … Remember it was ol' man Scrivener who let us slip out early, come in late, et cetera during the Sox playoffs, right?


Yeah, yeah … I'm just tired from watching the Pats open so many cans of whoop-ass yesterday.


You think Vanderjagt-off likes eating his fucking crow yet? How's that "ripe for the picking" working out?


Yeah, that turd-slicah is all ovah at Pizza Hut getting the Crow Lovah's Supreme with crow stuffed crust. Dink should learn by now the only thing he'll be picking is his own ass, ripe or not.


Yet again, the Patriots take the fucking Colts to school.


Indy is so fucking enrolled at Belichick High School that Peyton Manning needs to ask for a hall pass before he can take a piss.


Yeah, and then when he gets there, Peyton pees sitting down.


Fucking overrated dome boys. Oh-fer-six? Go back to Louisiana. Wallow in the valley of despair.



"Peyton pees sitting down"
Classic HB.

Peyton and A-Rod can exchange manicure tips in the off-season while bragging about how they helped the Joe Cushman's Chupacabra Crew (football) and Fortean Freaks (baseball) win their respective fantasy leagues.

So fucking hilarious. I sprayed beer all over the screen reading that one.

How much did I love hearing Sean Salisbury and all the rest of the national sports punks sharing some of Vanderjerk's crow-stuffed crust? Too much. Bring on the 'Burgh!

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