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Life is too short to drink cheap booze

Thank your favorite supreme being for that. Those clown suits were an embarrassment.


I'll go out on a limb and say that I might be the only member of Red Sox Nation who liked the red uni. I even bought one …


Dude, you're fucking kidding me, right? How does anyone like that horror show?


I liked the way it accentuated the red in Red Sox, and it made a really bold color statement contrasting against all the Fenway green, especially on TV.


OK, Mike, as a friend I've got to tell you I think you've been watching a wee bit too much Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.


Hey, it's a good show. Who the fuck knew I'd been shaving incorrectly all these years? Or that there's no such thing as too much hair product?


Well, you've got a point. I'd be lost these days without my Bumble and Bumble.



Congratulations, HB--you've finally come up with a strip whose connection to its title is so subtle that it escapes my tiny grasp.

I knew I should have put the connection in the "author's notes" on this one. It was subtle.

The "cheap booze" thing is one of the taglines from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

Maybe I should have used another one from the show like "This room is just ... stupid."

I cannot believe the quote from Slappy in the Globe that you linked to yesterday – "I think you have to ask Rocket [Roger Clemens], myself, probably Randy [Johnson], and the upper-echelon type of player, because there's a much grander responsibility that comes along with being who I am, and I understand that completely." Rodriguez said – where has his sense of 'grander responsibility' been? His behavior is atrocious...the more I learn about him the more I feel he is just a freak...if this is 'understanding completely' he's dumber than I thought.

Funny post HB. My wife loves the Queer Eye show, so I have watched quite a few (she has to put up with my sports watching, I put up with her "reality and makeover" shows).

As for the red jersies, I like them. I like the bold colors, like the Orioles Orange Jersies, or the Marlins' Black Jersies, or the A's Green Jersies. Just had to say that.

Hey, I bought one of the Red Jerseys...I like 'em & they look badass on stage when I'm playing out with my band...RIP, red jerseys...sniff...you will be missed.

didn't we kick the redcoats outta here 200 years ago?

I love the red jersey. I'm never giving mine up. 'Course, that might have more to do with the Millar, Tek, and Ortiz autographs on it than the actual appearance of the shirt.

Sniff, I like the alternates. I was always a fan of the Red Red Sox, which is why my primary (as opposed to my own 4 alternate) Sox cap is the 70s Cooperstown version, red hat, blue bill. I liked the alternate jerseys, just as long as they don't go all 70s Indians on us.

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