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I was looking for a job, and then I found a job

Check it: "The day before the team opens a series, Carr delivers a black three-ring binder of about 80 pages to the coaching staff, Varitek, Doug Mirabelli, and Schilling." Man, I effin' love that!


How about Brian O'Halloran's story? The dude so wanted to work for the Sox that he initially did it for free and, even crazier, secretly. Only Epstein knew he was coming in at midnight charting games 'til 4 or 5 in the morning then going to work as a substitute teacher to pay the bills! Talk about dedication.


I feel so fucking inadequate now. Here I am in my late 20s at a meaningless job I have zero passion for, contributing nothing to society, while guys my own age are cross town in a Fenway officle changing the motherfucking baseball world with their ideas and energy.


Fercrissakes, that's perhaps the stupidest thing I've heard in a long time. Blogging is an art form in the same way that poker and chess are "sports."


Absolutely. But at least poker and chess require mental acumen and a degree of talent.


What are you saying? That writing a few lines about your life or how you hate whatevahthefuckitis and including a picture of your cat or your tatoo and then pushing a publish button doesn't take fucking smarts and talent? Are you insane or something? Those are killah skillz.


Well, now that you mention the cat pics, maybe I should rethink.



What kind of pretentious fuck writes that they have 'philosophic' discussions? Christ, I've read Moby Dick 10 times for fun and am an arrogant prick, but I would nevah write that. Time to put the college books away, Ian. You want something that flows like verse? Pick up some Buk and drink a brew.

I feel so fucking inadequate now. Here I am in my late 20s at a meaningless job I have zero passion for, contributing nothing to society,"

Good to see that it's not just me.

Reading that "blogs are art" thing was painful.

But hey, I guess that sometimes art is boring...?

I just started a blog for the kids I coach baseball to. Believe me, it is no work of art. hb, I wanted to add your link to my site, but I don't think the parents would appreciate it. Keep it up, I think your "art's" the bomb.

Great idea to start a blog aimed at the kids you coach in baseball. And I understand totally not linking over here. This is definitely not G-rated site.

h--no post today? don't tell me a little snow's got you down-and-out as well?

of course, thats easy for me to say from sunny california...


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