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Down with the repiners

Man, isn't it friggin' refreshing to read that a player is psyched and happy with his life and the money he's making?


Yeah, this repining shit gets old real fast.


Speaking of repiners, two of the biggest in Red Sox history, Mr. Clemens and Mr. Martinez respectively, have led me to mental fucking my-ah.


No way! Not a motherfucking my-ah?


Yeah, dude, check it. Big Butt Clemens yesterday filed for a record $22 million in salary arbitration. And if he gets it, Clemens would trump Martinez as the game's most richly rewarded pitcher for a season.


And you know that will be the equivalent of a dog taking a fucking piss on Petey's mango tree.


Hence the Boston fan dilemma: Does my never ending animosity towards Clemens outweigh my nascent loathing toward Martinez and his recent contract negotiation nastiness?


A most merciless my-ah, indeed.



Clemens may have asked but will he receive. I would love it if he did, there's a whole how stupid is that, coupled with the pissing on Petey angle. Fankly if he gets any more mercenary he will have to move to Angola or somewhere similar, where head hunting is taken a little more seriously.

Pedro never played for the Yankees, debate ended.

My man Bronson is a class act (besides the cornrows). I think in 2-3 years he'll be a consistent 15-20 game winner and get snatched up by some other team for an ungodly amount of loot, but I'm happy he's sticking around.

re Arroyo, he is Cornrowyo no more. At least that's what this pic suggests, assuming it's from the most recent Hot Stove music event:Arroyo with guitar and groupie

How cool is it that we get rid of those two head cases and end up with a guy who appreciates how lucky he is in Cornrowyo?

And a World Series ring to boot?

What next? The Yankees hire Buckner as fielding coach? I tellsya, everything seems to come up roses lately...

I'm with Chris - the surest way to settle this debate is to note that Pedro hasn't played for that other team. They're both mercenaries, otherwise - everyone always knew Pedro's idea of "respect" was spelled $$$.

Still, I hope Clemens gets his $$$ and then has an embarassing final season, that icarus fuck. Maybe then MLB clubs will finally learn the lesson of paying too much for non-Cy Young, non-World Series-winning pitching. It's getting to the point where your average pitcher is making more money than your average NHL player (when they used to work, anyway).

Bronson is a class act. My only problem
is that with all his auto dealership and
Elk's Lodge appearances, he's cutting
into Rick Middleton and Mosi Tatupu's

Cocket Codger's got the numbers worked out so that the mid-way point between what he's asking for ($22M) and what the Asstros are offering ($13.5M) is about $17.75M, about $250K more than Petey got from us last year and the highest yearly salary for a pitcher in history. Say what you will, but the dude's got some brass balls to go along with the rest o' that hardware

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