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Varitek's in, battery recharged

Theo Epstein gives the Soxaholix (and Scott Boras) a little something for under the tree …

Well, he'll be using a cane and eating Lipitor like its candy when his 4 year contract expires, still it's great news to have Varitek back.


Yeah, this is almost as good as 8 maids a milkin'. That's a fuck of a lot of money though for a 36 year old catcher, though.


I'm resolving myself to the idea that they're paying for 2 years moving forward and back paying for what Tek gave the club in 2003 and 4.


And don't forget the all important "intangibles" like punching pretty boy mouth off's in the noggin and shit.


Abso-fucking-lutely. And this Wade Miller signing makes for a nice colly bird to join the other 4.


Yeah, even the comatose one got animated. Says he told Epstein, "You've got me now. I'm excited about this team."


Of course, because being coach of the World Series Champion Boston Red Sox isn't very exciting on it's own or anything. But bring in a guy for one year who's coming off rotator cuff surgery and you've got Terry rocking his fucking Yule log.



From where I see it, Tek knocked all the "intangibles" right out of Slappy McBlueLips earlier this year, and Jeter? Start running for safety with all your blow buddies in San Francisco, because the catcher's got a new contract and he isn't taking any prisoners.

Merry Christmas, HB: we all got the gift we wanted earlier this year, so what should we expect under the tree?

Manny Christmas and Happy New Tek, HB. Thanks for brightening our mornings all ye-ah long.

*hugs* Thanks, HB, for a wicked good comic (the first webcomic I ever got 'addicted' to).

Can't wait to see what the new year (and season!) brings.

Happy holidays :)


Ho! Ho! Ho!, Meeeeery Christmas, H.B. Thanks for giving us a little someth'n to look forward to 5 days a week,dude.

Most important re-signing of the offseason, bar none.

I love this strip. Its so true to Bostonians. Merry Christmas HB!

Thanks for your hard work and brilliance.
From deep in Spanky-land L.I., N.Y., enemy territory, I wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Growing force of HB soxaholics south of spankyland in PA.You have an incentive-laden contract into 2005.

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