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The Science of Rockets

I guess Pedro must have taken me seriously when I said I was going to use my Japanese lap pillow to cry myself to sleep when I heard he'd signed with the Mets.


Truth is Pedro was loved here. And as the Sports Guy says, "I can't root against him. It's just not in me. He's like family."


Yeah, I'm all fucking bipolah on this. I'm sad he's not coming back. I'm happy he's not coming back for the money he wanted.


The Renteria signing is a welcome distraction.


Theo will find anothah ahm or two. It's not rocket science.


Dude, all things considered, I think the "rocket science" metaphor has jumped the sharked or rather went up couldn't find the fucking shark and just exploded.


No shit. What in Christ has happened to our rocket science industry anyway? Fuckers are about as accurate as a Matt Young throw to first.


Maybe the rocket scientists are all Yankees fans and just can't help but choke under pressure?



That knuckleball shit doesn't look too physically taxing. Give me three weeks with Wake and I'll be the no. 2 stahtah.

Nice to see MOST of the angah is gone. Yesterday's comments were pathetic. You'd think youse guys lost again.

You are not going to be happy with Boomah. He'll start strong and then crap out sometime during the season, and you'll be left with Schilling and Halama.

These dreams of your shortstop for Hudson are crazy dreams. No one else thinks the kid is that good. In Theo We Trust will learn that after you win the series you have to overpay to continue to win.

PS: "Slappy" is going to slap you all down next year. All this slappy / spankee whining is for losahs.

"You'd think youse guys lost again."

Yeah, but we know who did lose again, don't we? Poor Spankees fans. Must be tough to deal with the reality of it all.

Hey, congrats h.b., you have your very own Yank-Me troll! You must be so proud. Although, I was having trouble understanding what 'me' was saying through all that CHOKING he was doing...

The 2004 New York Yank-Mees: The Biggest Chokers in Post Season History!

Hey, da kine, what are you going to do with the Nationalz blog now that they suspended operations?

ANd...I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it appears that Randy Johnson will be wearing pinstripes next year. Hopefully in his first game with the CFYs, the win music will go on the PA. And I don't mean "New York, New York".

Since I'm a pessimistic bastid by nature, I only got the domain for one year, so I'm out $35. I'll continue to rant and rave until the deal is officially dead and then probably put a tombstone or something on there.

Boomah and Clements will have a better year than the never-get-a-ring Unit and Mr. Wright for the spank-mes. He's Mr. Wright as much as Britney's Spear's current thrust. The real welcome distraction is Kevin Brown as the back door for all that losah chemistry that ain't gone away.

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