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The Relationship Rescue Workbook

When it comes to writing about baseball injuries and medicine, Will Carroll is the man.


Hell yeah he is. Love that line in the Dirt Dogs excerpts where he says the myth of Schilling's postseason performance will always outstrip the truth, but the truth is enough.


But now that Carroll and Silva are all lovey dovey, I pine for the good old days when everyone hated each other.


No kidding. It's like there's been a Dr. Phil inter-fucking-vention or something in the baseball fan site world.


[Imitating the voice of the talk show guru] Now be sure to stay tuned tomorra for a very special episode where I'll be joined by Jason Varitek and Alex Rodriguez and I'll show all y'all how to repair any broken relationship using strategies from my best selling and excellent book that all y'all should have.


For fuck's sake that Dr Phil is a bigger impostor than Barry Balco Bonds.



Christ, I want to choke that smarmy fuck Dr. Phil. He'd never come out of Beantown, we're too infused with Catholicism. The Boston equivalent of his shit would be "You're unhappy because you deserve to be, you rotten sinner."

Since someone claimed in the comments the other day that I'm serving as one of h.b.'s editors, I'll just point out that in the 2nd Panel he meant to say "the TRUTH of Schilling's postseason performance..." Get right on that h.b.! :)

And man, I forgot about that whole SoSH/Blogs flame war last February...that post by Jaffe and the comments thread it generated are pretty hysterical to revisit.

So, the CFYs are really going to leadoff Tony Womack?

Great comments today.


Thanks for the copy edit! Fixed now.

Too fucking funny as usual, coffee through the nose. Who knew that Will the "megalomaniac" was such a great guy? What's next? Reinstatement into SoSH? Acknowledge the fraud New Hampshire hyperlink freak (don't hold your breath).

"On the next Oprah, Dr Phil gives loss therapy to Nomar Garciaparra after Nomar realizes what a stupid schmuck he is for turning down the original contract offer from the WORLD CHAMPION RED SOX. Plenty of man-cries go around...."

This stuff practically writes itself...

Ahhh...Dr. Phil. Him and his "Family First" special, where he basically said that if you didn't have his new book and used his new weight-loss program (which made me think I can do a weight loss program if he can), your child would become a serial killer, had me laughing until I nearly passed out. Good times.

HB...I can't see the notes for this strip. Is there anyone else out there that also has my problem?

The notes link shouldn't have been there. It was a publishing snafu.

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