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The Red Sox Sea

Hey, Callaghan, how's your wife and my kids?


Oy vey, Marty, that joke's about as old as your Spankees pitching staff. Maybe you should overpay for some new stuff? By the way, Marty, this is the first I've heard of you since, when was it, after Game 3 of the ALCS? What's up with that?


Oh, no biggie, I just wanted to give you [sarcastic cough] Sawx [cough] fans plenty of time to riot and kill each other, you know? Didn't want to intrude on that class act.


What's with that cough, Marty? Are you choking or something? Maybe you should take a pill. I hear the little white ones are good. At least that's what your blow buddy Giambi says.


You're the one who's going to be crushing oxycontin and snorting it up your nose to relieve your pain after the press conference when Randy Johnson first tries on his new Pinstripes.


Oh, Marty. You and your Spankees cohorts just don't get it do you? Where your moves once inspired awe they now reek of desperation and slappy timidity. Steinbrenner could sign fucking Moses and you still won't get to the promised land. There's no parting the Red Sox sea.


Your hubris is pathetic even by Boston standards.


Hey, Marty, all this hubris is making me fucking hungry. You think you can ring up your boy Rivera to serve me a couple of meatballs?



Ah, the joys of arguing a Yankees fan. Except the main one I know does not offer a semi-witty rejoinder to my pro-Sox/anti-MFY comments, he can only reply with "You lose" or "I'll fucking kill youy next time you say that" or something on that level. I think I need to find a new Yankees fan to be my verbal punching bag.

I think that it comes from expecting to win. There was a Resdox fan quoted somewhere last year during the world series as saying "that should have been us loosing to the Marlins"

...through the rising smoke and the wreckage of what was is now deemed "Jeter's Cheaters"..General Georgie was last seen feverishly searching for his little blue pill and screaming...."Damn Giambi...he took that one too!"

Hillarious. F'in hillarious.

Effing Lovely. Great job, h.b. Give me a good Marty stip any day... Reminds me of half the assholes I work with!


How does this organization with all the supposed class that we know they don't have put steroid poster boy out in first base next year as if nothing ever happened?

Fuck Giambi. If he was still playing worth a shit, the Spanks would have him featured prominently in their lineup. Now that his performance has dropped like his shrunken testes, they'll make an 'example' of him while Shef, A-Fraud, and the rest of the mob keep juicing.

It's a shame that the Bankees might get out of Giambi's contract. Giambi doesn't deserve the dough, of course, but if I were Bud, I'd say the Skanks forfeit his salary for an education program to keep youts off da juice. That's their reward for signing someone so clearly suffering from 'roid rage.


This could be close to my all-time favorite Soxaholic Spankee line-"Steinbrenner could sign fucking Moses and you still won't get to the promised land. There's no parting the Red Sox sea."

True greatness. Long live the rebellion!

And how many people are suprised that Giambi took roids? Anyone? Bueller?

Tman... I totally agree with you on that. I read that line to my boyfriend. I IMed it to my friend. It's going in my AIM name profile. It's awesome.

Oooooh, shit! That's a classic, H.B. Meatballs, Haaaa.

Very clever as usual, h.b., although I seriously doubt most MFY fans would actually know how to use 'hubris' in a sentence.

i am stealing your meatball line when i talk to my buddy Duda from Coney Island. You are the man!

hey HB, where's the new comic for today? usually it's up and there's already a few corrections that da kine or AJM have pointed out by now.

Sorry, gang. I overslept this morning and rather than try to rush something out and risk doing something low quality, I figured better to let today slide.

If this weren't the slowest period of the baseball season, it'd be easy to whip something up last minute.

BTW thanks for all the positive feedback on the Red Sea strip from Friday.

hahaha meatballs!! I finally get it

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