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Shea it ain't so

Pedro signs with the Mets and the shit hits the fans …

Did you read the memo post on SoSH from XXX and ZZZ?


Rider on Green Line:
It's all the owners' fault! Henry is eeeevil. XXX has a point. What the frig have these owners evah done for us? They promised us a World Series victory and what do we have to show for it? … Oh, wait a farkin' minute. [Laughs]


Yeah, the X in "XXX" stands for xenophobia. All that suggestion of "Henry's reach in New York and New England" to suppress all the evidence to prevent any Woodwards and Bersteins from putting "the whole thing together."


Rider on Green Line:
But of course. That totally explains why the Boston media is so easy on the team, nevah writing anything negative or conspiratorial.


I am going to miss Pedro, though. Like with Nomah, I'm relieved he's going to the National League, where he'll fade from my memory quickly.


Rider on Green Line:
Yeah, I'm going to go home tonight and snuggle up to the lap pillow I had Fed Ex'ed from Tokyo for occasions such as this and then gently cry myself to sleep.


A door closes, a door opens, Hola, Señor Renteria.



Vin Diesel is their source on this? I'm picturing Hal Holbrook smoking cigarettes in a parking garage wearing an overcoat with a fur collar.

Too funny on the Vin Diesel ref. I forgot all about that movie. Well, it was a forgetable movie, though I did enjoy it. The phallic overtones of the missile on that boat in the river were worth the price of admission.

Finally, a pop-culture reference that jocks understand! (Not saying that I am one) But seriously, before it was all Bukowski and Plath and Morrissey. Now it's Vin Diesel. Is something going wrong, HB?

Now we can officially start the 'he was past his prime' talk. Theo MUST have something up his sleeve so we can get a second ace.

Memo to Pedro:
Let the doorknob hit you where the good Lord split you.

For the record, Vin Diesel may be buff & jock-looking, but he is certified Dungeons and Dragons fanatic.

And true to his inner-Geek, he still plays to this day.

Petey, you will be missed.

As of this mornig, I heard "Petey" and his team were trying to negotiate the type of physical he would have to take and avoid an MRI on the shoulder. If those asses at Shea would give anyone a dime without a full inventory, they deserve evrything they get. And if he doesn't go to the "Muts", Theo should have his shoulder exmined before he comes back..."Buyer Beware".

Damn was that SoSH post funny! My favorite follow-up line:

"I hear Henry poisoned that Ukrainian dude, too."

The Sox leaked Manny trade discussions to drive Pedro away? LOL! That's some weird shit there.

What would help me get closure is a FoxSports montage of Pedro shots and video clips set to “Blue Christmas.” I’m gonna miss Petey. I first thought of “Seasons in the Sun,” but, man, I looked up the lyrics and got really depressed. The holidays can be so hard. Now I could really get some use out of that lap pillow.

And now for something completely different:

I ordered a T-Shirt of GayRod slapping the ball with a purse photoshopped onto his arm off of the ad that's on the site here. The domain name is SoxTees.com. This was back on November 10th. My Dad never got the T-Shirt, and now when I click on that link, the domain name is owned by someone called 1on1.com who apparently do web sites. My PayPal was charged. Do you have any contact for this advertiser?


Sorry to hear that re the shirt. Here is the contact info that was used via BlogAds:
michael -at- zeromin.com

Those pillows are simultaneously awesome and disturbing.

Thanks to this post I now have a Weezer song in my head and it won't get out. Damn you.

Conspiracy?: The Sox made it look like they were going to sign Pedro right up until the end. During this time, a record amount of tickets were sold. With all that advance sales dough in the house, they made no counter offer and let him go to the Mets. Now HE looks like the badguy. 14 million in the Sox account vs. being in his account. I have faith that they will bring in someone that we don't expect and will blow us away. These guys are far from being able to be taken by anyone. If Tek or DL want to sign here, they better can that cock scab agent of theirs. Lastly, all I hear about is pitching, pitching, pitching. Who the fuck is gonna catch next year? Tek ain't getting 10 mil per anywhere, let alone here. Maybe if he were to throw out more than a couple of dozen baserunners per year, he'd be signed.

what interests me is Petey going NL, lets see if his headhunting ratio is better than 1. I think the veteran pitcher market is like buying a used car. Which in my humble opinion makes Petey an original condition Pinto and Boomer a Chevy blazer silverado that's been used on an airifeld to tow sailplanes into the air.

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