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Saying good bye to a fantastic year

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And never brought to mind? …

A toast to the greatest year in Red Sox fan history!


Hear, hear!


Rider on Green Line:
Happy New Year to Soxaholix far and wide! (And fuck Randy Johnson by the way. Skinny, mullet wearing freak.)



Good job bringing back both the pahty graphics and the T graphic. They are my faves. Felicitations and all that.

Amen, hb. Fuck the Big Eunuch. The NY writers are all wetting themselves today. Let them have their moment. Johnson will, under the NY media circus, implode faster than Howard Dean.

Look at the makeup of their rotation: Mussina, the tight-assed tightly wound OCD humorless prig. Wright is a career-long headcase. Leo Mazzone was rocking worse than ever after coaching this nut log. Johnson? Everyone in Montreal and Seattle hated his guts. Gonzo should have croaked him when he had the chance. Brown? That's too easy. Sammy the Bull Pavano? Two bad outings in a row and he'll be back in Southington pressing shirts at his family's drycleaning biz. How long before it's a steel cage death match in that
freak show clubhouse?

220+ mil for NY's payroll and Theo still throws the Emperor down the well....again.


What better way to end a great sports year than Steinbrenner shelling out kazillions for another non-performer? What did RJ and A-Fraud do in Seattle? Gag fucks. I can't wait for the BS to hit the fan when he misses a couple of starts with his "bad back". Fuck him, fuck his money and fuck the Yankees. Fuck the satanic fucks and their 200+ million dollar payroll. I also hope they land that over-rated Beltran for another 18 million a year. Soon their luxury tax will be more than some team's payroll. Maybe they should think about signing someone to play 1st base! And they signed Tony Womack to play second? Look out! By the way, fuck Peyton Manning, too. (I must say though, he's just non un-likable) When he's at the line hitting himself in the head, that's what I feel like when I'm hearing national announcers talking about him like HE carried the cross and banged Mary Magdalene. Happy New Year, Soxaholics!

The only reason that I like Peyton Manning is that he's on my fantasy team. And I STILL didn't play him in the last few weeks, because Billy Volek was putting up some unreal fantasy numbers.

New Year's Resolution? To sit back and watch the Sox' quest for a repeat.

Sadly, the Little Unit has cut his mullet on the order of D-Backs management. I however DID get to see him pitch once...the second-greatest pitcher (behind Late-90's Pedro) I have ever seen. Just terriffic stuff. Happy New Year, everyone.

happy happy new year all! The countdown continues to spring training...

so what about johnson- the mfy cant win 140 games with him. it will be playoffs again with the sox coming out on top. happy new year to all of rsn. this will be the best new years eve ever- we just got the nesn dvd and will watch it b4 the festivities begin in earnest, cant wait for spring training!! ej

SKK's mini rant cracks me up! By the way a huge Happy New Year to all of RSN and especially the Soxahoilix. Hb I am so glad to have discovered your 'toons. Hi-f'ing-larious!

Lookin forward to the new year of Soxaholix, HB :)

happy new year one and all. Sorry I'm late. Some days you just can't face the glare of an lcd screen.

Look who's a finalist:


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