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Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity.

It's like Oprah's book club in the office today …

Don't get me wrong, I'm a big Stephen King fan …


Same here. I've been hooked since reading Salem's Lot in paperback in the fall during 7th grade. Couldn't fucking sleep for weeks. Didn't help that my hometown was about 20 miles as the crow flies from where King located the fictional Maine village.


Yeah, I'm still scared shitless of root cellars to this day … though I always secretly fantasized that the hot chicks from high school who didn't want anything to do with me would get turned into vamps and be floating outside my window one night pleading "Let me in so I can suck you." [Laughs]


King is the fucking horror master. And a die hard Red Sox fan.


Abso-effin-lutely. Which is why I was ecstatic when I heard he'd be writing a book to chronicle every game of the 2004 season. Couldn't wait 'til it was released. But now that I've got it in my hands, I'm totally fucking underwhelmed.


No shit! What gives?


Well, for lack of a better word, it's kind of ordinary. I mean it's not bad. Not at all. Just, I dunno …


Just you were expecting more?


Exactly. I mean rather than reading like an Angell or even a Simmons piece, it reads pretty much like a blog, but, dare I say it, not as good as some of the best baseball blogs. You know, like the Curse guy, or that Beth chick, or the dudes at All Baseball and Hardball Times.


Maybe you're a little jealous? Maybe you think somebody should write down some of the shit you say and put it in a little book?


Fercrissakes, who the fuck would want to read our daily crap fests?


True. You'd be bettah off with a case of frequent micturition.


Author's Notes
The title of today's strip is from a quote by Robert A. Heinlein. I have no fucking idea who he is, but I think he's right.

BTW 800 or so people a day read the 'daily crap fest' (as Mike puts it) called The Soxaholix, and I thank each and every one of you for doing so.


Heinlein is one of the greatest science fiction writers of all time. "Stranger in a Strange Land" and "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" are among his best works. You should check him out.

"Fercrissakes, who the fuck would want to read our daily crap fests?"

I ask myself the same thing every day whilst reading said crap fests. Yet day after day, I look forward to the newest crap fest to fester.

HB, you are fucking insane to NOT make this in to a book. I would buy five of them right now. I know another five folks who would buy them for fellow Bosox fans as well........it's like, well, a feeling of providence one might say...

Hey, they're turning "Win It For" into a book: why not Soxaholix?

Back to the book Faithful...I thought it was pretty good. I mean it's not as funny as other blogs, and it isn't as in-depth, but it does talk about how the Sox are so much of a Moneyball team, among other things.

I have been mentioned on Soxaholix...I can now die in peace.

look on the bright side at least as a 'crap fest' it has a lot going on there is some stuff out there which is just crap and doesn't have the diversity to be a fest.
Yeah make it a book, that's where the real money and fame are, just don't go getting all popularist on us.

Heinlein is the greatest sci-fi author of all time. If he had written a BoSox book during his later years, it would have involved the whole team humping the hot ball girl and discussing the inherent greatness of a truly libertarian ballclub. As for a Soxaholix book, to paraphrase the greatest baseball movie of all time: if you publish it, we will buy.

is that the one down the first base line?

>This one (near the bottom). Kelly Barons, according to the Dirt Dogs.

Do I make the check out to Daily Crap Fest? Book will be a best seller!!

Reading the "Daily crap fests" have become as routine as the "Shit, Shower, and Shave" for this daily visitor. I said it here Oct. 28, and I will say it again: Get the book done. On days when there are no strips, I find myself aimlessly wandering the archives, reliving this craptastic season, day by day, through the likes of Bill, and those hot little bitches Circle and Tara. One question remains, however: If Circle were choking, and my balls contained oxygen....
Ahh... Whatevs... I can't even type the word "choking" without thinking of the 2004 team that the defined the word.

What the hell!!!! I love this shit. If you wrote a book about anything, H.B., I would buy it. This strip and my 9 cups of java are all that keeps me sane. I've been bartending for way too long to enjoy much else.

Vol.1. Do it! Print 'em up!
These strips are the shit. They'd be great to have in book form to look back on. From collectible sports book to coffee table or Dr.'s office. It fits anywhere. Take it to the next level H.B.

I'm bedazzled by all your comments in favor of a book form of the site. Thanks!

The big hurdle here is not desire, but form/function. The strip is totally designed for the web. That is it is built vertically, in a top down (scrolling) manner rather than the left to right of print. So that's why I stack one cell on top of another, rather than going with the print derived 3 across on top of 3 across that is the norm for comic strips.

So doing it the web way, I never have to worry about the length of the strip nor balancing out the cells in multiples of 3.

If I move it to print, all these issues would need to be resolved.

Not saying it's not possible, just that it'll require more thought than just flipping the "print" button.

It was so good to see BDD take a swipe at that piece of shit Denis Leary. This skank fuck stole Barry Crimmins (one of the original Boston comics) act years ago and left town with it. So HB, please don't have that cocksucker anywhere in what I anticipate to be a work of art. Why they have this fuckhole on the DVD is a mystery to me and anyone that has seen it. "OOHHHH, he says dirty words." Thief fuck. He adds about as much to the DVD as Dennis Miller did to MNF.

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