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Ghost of Christmas Past

Finally, no more getting shotah every day days. Sol has returned.


Oh my fucking word. Have you been hanging out with that pagan chick in accounting or something? Next you'll be wearing a crystal and asking the goddess of pomegranates to spank your pileous ass.


[Laughs] Hey, the pagan is wicked hot for a wiccan witch. Besides with the Johnson trade going bust one gets a nice whiff of sunny days and springtime coming.


You reap what you sow.


Karma fucking chameleon.


If you listen real closely, you can hear George Steinbrenner's hand on the grindstone … squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching.


The covetous old sinner yelling, "Cashman! Cashman! What right have you to be merry? What reason have you to be merry? Humbug, Cashman, humbug!"



My pet hypothesis is that Dodgers' owner Frank McCourt, a true son of Boston, threw a wrench in the works after giving the Spankees hope in a bid to crush the Evil Empire forever.

And about the whole Wicca thing: we have a billboard downstairs from where I work celebrating Holiday Diversity, and they had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find a December celebration for every religion. Apparently it was a bridge too far for Hinduism, 'cause they don't have one listed. I hope Ganesh doesn't crush the organizers with his trunk whilst blowing reddish sindura powder from his shoulders, making it twilight at the wrong time of day. That would suck.

Vazquez not wanting to play in Dodger Stadium is like a kid not wanting a Radio Flyer for Christmas. What kind of freak is he?

Oh, wait, it's 2004. It's like a kid not wanting a new PS2 game.

Fortunately, the gentle Spankee fans and laid-back NY tabloid press won't hold this against little Javier at all...

Ah, you guys are the ones cracking me up this morning. Great comments.

The "...Ganesh crushing with his trunk..." bit is especially good. (Wish I'd thought of that one!)

what you need is a national religion like jolly old England, oh wait that was why y'all got on ships in the first place.
I think I'll become Hindu, I mean, I can buy my own socks.

It could be the ghost of Sandy Amoros snatching Johnson away in mid-air just as he did Berra's ill fated fly to left in '55

I hope Johnson lands in the Bronx. Prickly fuck that he is, it'll be a race to see who goes "Rubber Ed Whitson" first, he or Jared Wright. Imagine the entertainment of seeing one (or both) of them wheeled out of the Stadium on one of the Hannibal Lecter carts......

I think you should make "Karma fucking chameleon." the next product in the Soxaholix t-shirt line...I just lost my "1918 heah" shirt down in Puerto Rico.

Is Symbol the Pagan accounting chick? She certainly is quite hot. And as for Big Unit, I kinda wished they would make that trade. It might help them win a title in 2005, but after that it also brings the MFYs that much closer to it being 1965 all over again...another crash from first to last.

AJM: I think Circle (not "Symbol") is in design, since accodring to her profile she went to RISD.

I go to a Jesuit school, and one of our more conservative priests went on the TV to thank the Lord that we go to a school that "keeps Christ in Christmas." And speaking of Hindu...did anyone here see the Simpsons where Homer covers Vishnu's hands with foam "We're #1!" fingers so Apu's kids wouldn't get hurt? Classic.

Ah, that's right...Circle, not Symbol. I must have been thinking of Prince or something. In any case, with the winter doldrums and two months to go before pitchers and catchers report, maybe h.b. should work the hot Pagan accounting chick into the strip too.

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