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A lost cause

Yeah, the dude says New Englanders are always looking for a lost cause to support.


Ah, right. Lost causes … the local newspaper industry certainly comes to mind on that one. Declining circulation. Declining relevance. No fucking wonder Chaz has to spaz.


You know it's bad enough having to deal with all the shit heads who jump on the bandwagon. Now we've got to put up with the fuckers who want to drive the bandwagon off a cliff for excitement, because, you know, winning is boring.


I'm trying to figure how what makes one of these "winning sucks" fuckers tick. You think after they got their first piece of ass they were all "Well, that's ovah with. Now I'm bored. Guess I'll just put my little wee wee away now." rather than saying, "Shee-at that was some good cooking. I needs me more of that and fast."


Yeah, yeah, big time. I think dudes like Chaz get up and say, "I'm a staff writer at the Lowell Sun. That's good enough. All that big dreams, goals, and passion shit is way overrated."


Yeah, there's a reason some men grow up and become Curt Schillings and others grow up and become fucktards.



Chaz Scoggins? The name sounds like a 'fucktard' pseudonym. I think it's a put on. Attendance will not dwindle. Everyone loves the Sox as much as they did when Wakefield was walking off the mound at Skankees stadium after giving up the gopher ball to Boone.

At the risk of being called a traitor, I DO need an underdog to root for, hence this.

OT, I am halfway through Bukowski's Post Office, which I haven't read since I was 14. Fucking awesome. Amazon should have given you a kickback or something, since I nevah would have ordered it were it not for the site.

da kine,

Good for you on the Nationalz blog. DC baseball is a good thing, and it's fun to have an NL team to follow albeit not as passionately as the Sox.

Post Office is great. Happy to hear I rekindled your Buk interest.

da kine,

Your RSS feed is screwed up on the Nationals blog.

I remember hearing all these people saying that the Sox had lost their charm by winning, that New England would stop rooting for them because they had finally won, etc. I call all these people the Chicken Littles: they say that the sky is falling, when it isn't and it's actually looking better every day.

I'll have my brother check into the RSS. He's the blog guru and I just the author.

No, no, Chaz is TOTALLY right. New Englanders will stop rooting, hands down, because they finally won. I mean, shit -- look what it did to the Pats...

...Oh. Hm.... Really?

(PS - The Staff Writer line fucking killed me.)

Hey, Chaz, go suck a dick!!!! Love, Joey!

i think that guy's a yankees fan anyway.

Wait a minute, people actually READ the Lowell Sun?

I thought it was just there for all of those Lowell townies to see who could make the police blotter the most times in one month...

Where the fuck is Lowell?

If Chaz new anything about baseball he'd worry more about the Sox fans turning into a bunch of other clubs before they turned into the Yankees. Look at the pitiful Braves. Like a dozen pennants in a row and one Series? Those guys want to kill themselves. I think Boston's a town that can handle winning. The Celtics didn't exactly numb everyone in the 80's. The Pats seem to keep everyone's attention now. Why not the Sox. People don't wish shitty front offices upon themselves and tend to enjoy it when a good one springs up here and there. By the way, fuck you Pitino.

Lowell is where people from New Hampshire go to work.
I can't think if anything more insane than claiming that people only rooted for the sox because it took 86 years. By that resoning, we should all be cubs fans now, riiiiiggght.
What a twat maybe he's a cubs fan now, I'm gonna get a big friggin stove pipe hat with you'd better beleive it, we're on a roll"

In Tom Verducci's brilliant SI Sportsmen of The Year piece he refers to the 2004 Sox as being the St. Jude (patron saint of lost causes) of sports. I suppose Chaz's fish wrap piece explains the record sales of MLB's 2004 WS video. Now that the luster has worn off this team I can swaddle my MLB and "Faith Rewarded" discs in Chaz's Piece (of shit) and bury it in the back yard like an unwanted prom night pregnancy so that i can get back to enjoying "Cowboy Up" and "Still, We Believe".

Chaz Scoggins is one of those lazy, cynical old-timer Sox beat reporters (not unlike CHB) who long ago came to the conclusion that the most lucrative source of material was to have the Sox be very good but always find a way to lose in the end, so that the well of 'woe is us' articles would never run dry and he could sell papers with very little effort. He's obviously having a lot of trouble with the new world order, so he comes out with this predictable tripe.

If Sox fans' interest waned a little bit in the late 80's and early 90's (which I don't believe to begin with) despite winning a couple more division titles after '86, it was much more likely because the Sox were not at all competitive against Oakland in the ALCS (got swept both times) rather than fans being bored with the 'success' of winning a very weak AL East. And is Chaz the only person who went to see "Life and Times of David Gale"? His taste in movies sucks too.

"Of its nature the wish is pain; attainment quickly begets satiety. The goal was only apparent; possession takes away its charm. The wish, the need, appears again on the scene under a new form; if it does not, the dreariness, emptiness, and boredom follow, the struggle against which is just as painful as is that against want." -- Schopenhauer

First time for me posting, but i have to say that the quote about the first piece of ass is probably the funniest thing i have read on this website. I love this stuff. I'm from Missouri and even though Lowell sounds like it sucks I would rather be there than with all these redbird fans right now. Keep up the witty writing.

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