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You're a mean one ...

The hot stove is heating up …

Didya hear the latest on Steinbrenner?


He's in a coma at a military hospital outside Paris, slowly dying? Oh, wait, wrong megalomaniac.


Holy fucking Cindy Loo Who! The Grinchbrenner wants our I'm Who-pudding and rare Who-roast-beast?


Yeah, there's no end to Steinbrenner's desire, no player he won't hire, for fuck's sake, he'll even be the buyer of the last the log in our hot stove fire.



Fuck Steinbrenner. He can have Lowe. Martinez has another year or two of B+ ball left in him. I won't let him take Tek, though.

My user name is more than just a user name. It's an encapsulation of what many fear may be true.....

My user name is more than just a user name. It's an encapsulation of what many fear may be true.....

Poor George. He can't build his own World Series team with a $200M payroll so he looks to ours. How sad. Kiss my ass, George. Kiss my tight Irish ass.

Let Steinbrenner re-arrange the chairs on his sinking ship. His declinasty is crumbling by the second!

The MFYs going after Pedro, and even Lowe, I can understand. But if they go out and throw a ridiculous amount of money at Varitek, and are then forced traders of Posada at say 50%-75% of his true market value, it will be a clear sign that Steinbrenner's obsession with the Sox has trumped everything else.

That dirty, money-throwing, bastard! What's next? Buying body parts and sewing them onto worn-out old Stinkees like Brown and Giambi? God help us if he needed a vital organ like a heart. (come to think of it.....) Good thing they can't transplant the things he really needs: a brain and a conscience.

This is typical ESPN Sox/Yanks hype. No way this happens. Bear in mind that the Posada trade that they're talking about invloves getting Randy Johnson. Not even the Evil Empire can pull all of that off. D-Lowe, they can have - but I'm sure they don't want him. I don't want to see Pete go to the Yankees, but there is a chance of that happening if only because he is completely crazy. He would be WAY overpaid, though, if he went to the Bronx. I would be geniunely hurt if I ever have to see Tek in pinstripes....just the thought makes me dry-heave. Sox will do what they need to do to re-sign him.

Ah, Georgie, Georgie, Ggeorgie...
You're quickly turning that Skankee Pride into
"If you can't beat em'....buy em'"
You may consider yourself The General Patton type, but you and Cashman are really no better than Monty Hall and Bob Barker.

Lest it go unsaid, hb, nice Grinch analogy and references. I can't wait for George's tiny heart to grow three sizes, so that he has the strength of ten Steinbrenners, plus two.

HEY, YOU WON THE WORLD SERIES! ENJOY THE MOMENT! Manic obsessive Yankee hating is for losers.

This guy's right about Schilling: http://massengale.typepad.com/venustas/2004/10/the_red_sox_win.html That's what it takes to win.

And yes, Steinbrenner's a jerk. You think Lucchino and Henry aren't? Even in his worse moments, which included felonies for which he was banished from baseball, "the Boss" never came up Citizen registration.

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