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There's a choice we're making

Did you hear about Pedro's not so secret meeting?


Yeah, Dirt Dogs is all over it. Petey and Steinbrenner broke bread yesterday.


Yes, that, but my sources in Florida say there was a second meeting.


With whom, the Angels?


Not even. Try none other than P-Diddy. Seems Pedro is about to ink a recording contract with Bad Boy Records.


Shit, if William Shatner can do it, why not Pedro?


Abso-effin-lutely. Sources close to Puff, er, P, say Pedro initiated the face time and that it was a "good meeting."


Yo what the hook gone be? [Laughs] Or do Petey not need no effin' hook on his beat?


Rumor has it the first single off the record will be a reprise of "We Are the World" featuring Jeter, Slappy, Matsui on vocals and Bernie Williams on guitar.


[Singing the tune] We are the World. We are the Spankees. We are the chokers. We are all done. [Laughs]


[Continuing the song] As George has shown us, by turning stone to gold, so we all must reach out a greedy hand. We are the world … We are the Spankees.



Sweet! Will Sheff's wife be in the video?

Ooooh. That was cold.

We are the Skanks.
We are the Has-Beens.
We have the guy who overpays big stars.
Now we're just average.

Oh, I wish I'd have thought of the Sheffield's wife line. Now that's really a case of the Video killed the Yankees star.

And great verse LisaMK.

Shatner can do anything.

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