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Mr. Nelson: For a Stronger America

Red Sox fans continue to soak it all in …

Why do I feel tired as fuck this morning despite the so-called extra hour of sleep?


No, shit I looked in the mirror this morning and saw Mr. Nelson looking back at me.


Reminds me … does Pedro's little friend come as part of a Pedro Free Agent signing or does Boston have to negotiate a separate contract for the little good luck guy?


Fuck. I'm not ready to think about Free Agents yet, dwarves or otherwise. I want this victory glow to last a bit longer.


You forgot Poland … and Lowe.


Right, Poland. What the fuck was I thinking? But Lowe, well, he's the only one I'm not wondering about.


You voting tomorrow?


Fuck yeah. Gotta write in Mr. Nelson for Preznut.


Considering our choices, that's not a bad fucking idea.


Hell, yeah it is. You know what they say, "A dwarf on a giant's shoulders sees farther of the two."



I always end up tired on the Monday after the extra hour - how does that make sense?

Same here, except I fall asleep an hour earlier. I had to resort to drinking coffee at 11 P.M. last night to do some work that under Daylight Savings Time I would not have needed java to adequately complete.

In my adopted state of Hawaii, we don't mess around with that nonsense. Also, we have palm trees, perfect weather, and hot womenz wearing grass skirts. Wow, I'm a dick.

I DiG the site. Just discovered it. I live in this same Bizzarro world. Get some Monkey!!!

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