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Jorge sez 'Hey'

Jeez. I know Santana is good and all, but not one of the 25 baseball writers voting thought Schilling was deserving?


Schilling should demand a fucking recount! I suspect voting irregularities. Get that fucker Atrios on the case.


Fuck yeah. Jorge and Petey can put their pinstriped jammies on and have a fucking cuddle pahty with A-Fraud ovah at Cashman's crib.


Yeah, but A-Slap would be all whiney, "It's my turn to play Daddy now! C'mon guys, I moved to 3rd and all? Help a brotha out. Give Daddy some cuddle."


Wonder if the Rat Boy Posada will feel so magnanimous if the Spankees sign Tek and Jorge finds his ass catching for some red state team in flyovah country?



If Petey goes to the Spankees, he'll need some serious rewiring in the olde noggin', else he'll b e trying to bean his teamdogs. Can't you see him trying to make a play to first and throwing it at(insert overpaid little hooker's name) head?

Posada shut the f**k up and let that cut under his nose heal.

From Torre down to their waterboy, they'll spew all the flowery-shit from every orifice they've got to suck em' in. Any free agent(s) that make "Skankeeland" their new home better beware they'll be playing with a bunch of hollow-hearted millionaires...(oh and millionairesses...keep your skirt on A-Fraud, I didn't forget you.)
Pedro, Varitek belong here...C'mon Theo, Red t'is the color of the season.

I hate the Yankees and everything they stand for.

If Pedro wants to turn his back on RSN, he is dead to me, dead to me I tell you. Who to have the better book on him than the Sox, enjoy NY if that's where you're bound.

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