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How does your garden grow?

I hate to say it, but this year's hot stove is decidedly not very hot so far.


No doubt. This "As the Pedro Turns" prime time soap is so not must see TV.


Yeah, at least Desperate Housewives has hot chicks to amuse me. Beats the piss out of the rumor and innuendo going back and forth with Pedro.


Yeah, which fucking version of Pedro has the Red Sox management been looking at the past couple of years that gave them the impression the negotiations would be any different than they are?


No shit. It's not like Pedro is a diva or anything. Not like he's known to say incredibly bizarre things to the media. Not like he has a lucky pet dwarf by his side at all times or anything.


Meanwhile, back to the real world. I sure as fuck picked the wrong career.


How so, Doug?


On Housewives who is the hot hot super hot Gabrielle all ovah? The mofo gardener. On the O.C., who's the skinny bitch with the boozing problem itching for? The gardener.


Fuck yeah. The gardener is a literary, pussy getting archetype. Didn't you evah read Lady Chatterly's Lover? The gardener dude in it is all "let me rub your cunt" and "ah, what a beautiful cunt you have m'lady" and the Chatterly ho is all ovah it.


You're fucking shitting me? Is there a TV movie version? Oh, what the fuck am I thinking? I forgot. If a fictional character so much as thinks the C-word these day, Powell and his FCC henchman would be soaking and chilling his ass down with the cleansing waters of censorship.



The inhabitants of the British Isles have gotten over the stigma associated with the word 'cunt'. Watch 'transpotting' a few times in a row and tell me you don't accidentally slip it into conversation. Besides, it doesn't sound anywhere near as bad when pronounced 'coont'.

Excellent point. What's always fascinated me about the use of the word in the Lawrence novel is how it's not at all pejorative but affectionate. I wonder when it switched meaning?

I think it switched meaning when Michael Powell and his FCC henchmen got their hands on it. But anyways, why is it that gardeners get so much tail? The ones I know are fugly and speak very little English.

The word 'cunt' doesn't bother me... the phrase 'eat you out' does. ICK!!

Most of the garderners I know and have seen here in San Diego look like http://espn.go.com/i/magazine/new/gardener_245x325.jpg>this guy. They must not employ Mexicans on "Desperate Housewives."

I come in from mowing the yard all hot and sweaty and my wife tells me to go straight to the showeer - and not becuase she plans on joining me in there.

I wonder what I'm doing wrong? I mean, besides not being 18 and Latin ;)

in the UK cunt is often considered more offensive than fuck.

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