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Hearkening to the Temptations of Wicked Pissahs

The Soxaholix never tire of picking on the pretty boy …

Did you see Slappy Rodriguez whimpering over Schilling's comments about him?


Fuck, yeah. I love this line: "The one thing I hope is that he continues to speak poorly about me and the Yankees because that will give us great motivation to beat the Red Sox in the future."


Yeah, I read that and I was all, "Oh, A-Fraud, so you weren't already motivated to beat the Red Sox?" That says it all. What a loser.


Who the fuck knew? All those millions of dollars aren't enough to motivate A-Fraud. No, no, he also needs people speaking poorly about him.


No kidding, I guess Bore-Ass was asleep at the wheel when he negotiated A-Fraud's contract. He totally forgot the "people speaking poorly about my client" motivational clause.


Lucky for A-Flawed, there are millions of Red Sox fans who will speak poorly on his sorry ass for free.


Absolutely. Slappy brings out the Cotton Mather in me. Yea, Hearken to me, Bitch. Ye Olde Schoole Puritan wrath is descending verily to ye stuntin' ass.



For some reason, whenever I think about A-Fraud slapping at the ball in his bitchlike way, Adam Sandler's line from "Tollbooth Willy" comes to mind: cum guzzling queen.

You almost feel bad for him...I am sure Jeter is none too happy with the move...now if Nomar goes to play 2B? ??

I recognize that Bronx Banter is an MFY fan blog, but it's still just amazing to me to read the bizarro-world comments thread over there on this item. They're working themselves into a lather over Schilling's comment and the fact that SoSH has rechristened him 'Slappy McBlueLips'; meanwhile to them the slap itself was no big deal. All I know is that, besides looking pathetic, that slap was an incredibly stupid play on his part...if he had done anything else, at least Jeter would have still been in scoring position. And to deny knowledge of the rule afterwards made him look ten times worse.

I'm never particularly impressed when a ballplayer begs ignorance of a rule. In any sport. If you're paid $1,000,000's to play a game, you should have the damn rule book memorized!

I don't begrudge Arod the try and dislodging the ball. I'd probably have done the same thing. It was the juvinille way he proclaimed his innocence that bugged me. You tried to cheat, you got caught. Take like a man.

Matsui tried to play Bellhorn's HR off the fan - but when the umps got the called right he stayed quiet out in LF. That 's the way Arod should have handled the situation.

It would not surprise me at all if Arod turns out like Bonds - amazing individual numbers - but unable to deliver the championship.

You gotta love a little fire and brimstone to warm up the hot stove. "Slappy" forever!

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