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Finding work for idle hands

The days grow shorter, the nights longer …

Dude, we are so fucking in the doldrums right now.


Yeah, get used to it. Gammons says not much will happen until after the 7th of December, when clubs can offer their free agents arbitration.


Jeez, and I don't even have the incessant cable coverage of the Peterson case to turn to for entertainment anymore.


Thank Christ for the online erotica with a Red Sox theme.


Oh my fucking word. That chick is possessed of — or possessed by — a barbaric coquettishness. I so want to be her little chihuahua.


Careful, Dougie. Reading the diary of a girl who is a self confessed Sox and sex fiend can make one crazy on these long, dark, wintah nights.


[In the voice of Ren] Eeet iz not I who am crazy; eeet iz I who am MAD.



She's Canadian.

That explains it.

Great, now on account of that blog I'm going to be masturbating and start thinking about Tek's free agency. Does that make me a poof?


I'm debating whether being called "barbaric" is pleasant. Thanks for linking, I'm shocked.

And I'm not Canadian... I just live in Canada:)

I dont really know da kine...I thought Rule #1 of this site was "No poofters"...Oh wait, that was that Monty Python skit where everyone was named Bruce.

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