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Every crowd has a silver lining.

No movement on the free agent front but there's always something to talk about …

So rumor has it the Yankees host the Sox at their '05 home opener, and the Sox host the Spanks for Boston's home opener.


Right, the latter is when the Red Sox will receive their bling bling while the Yankees watch in motherfucking shock and awe.


I'm all for it but you've got to wonder what the P.T. Barnum's running the show at MLB will come up with next to try to squeeze more hype and profit out of the rivalry?


No shit, how long before they get the bright fucking idea to crossover? You know, The Red Sox v Yankees Celebrity Golf Tournament, this weekend on Fox!


Fuck yeah! How about tonight on ESPN the real World Series of Poker: Red Sox v Yankees. Cut to shots of Theo Epstein and Brian Cashman staring each other down over a hand of cards!


Brilliant! How about a very special Wife Swap? Series One, a blue collar, Catholic, Southie wife from a die hard Red Sox fan family moves in with the Upper East Side, penthouse living, publishing magnate, Jewish, Yankee fan family and the spouse there moves to Southie.


Brilliant! And for the flip in series 2 of Wife Swapping, the barely fluent in English, immigrant, Yankee rooting wife of a below the poverty line tenement living family in the Bronx, swaps out with a blue blood, Red Sox rooting yacht sailing, cousins of the Kennedy's family in Hyannisport!


Hilarity fucking ensues!


Sad fucking thing is I'd have TiVo on a Season Pass for all of 'em.


Author's Notes
The title of today's strip is a quote attributed to P.T. Barnum.


Don't be surprised to see Tim Mac and Joe Buck hosting Red Sox/ NYY Celebrity midget bowling...
Pedro rolling Mr. Nelson vs. Big Rueben Sierra tossing Kenny Lofton.
Nothing is beneath all hype no meat Fox.

How about Pedro rolling Zimmer?...........

HIGH-larious post man......fricking genius.

Can I make a prediction? Buck and McCarver will (of course) do the first two openers, and I gauruntee you the first words out of Bucks mouth after wiping McCarvers jizz from his lips will be-
"No Red Sox team has ever won on opening day against the Yankees after winning a World Series."

Abso-fuckinglutely gonna happen. Not a single doubt in my mind.

This website has significantly improved my quality of life. Have you checked out the definition of Red Sox in your favorite little Urban Dictionary? I think we've re-written many pages in many books....

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