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Curse of the E Coli


            Lisa the Temp:                
Hi, I'm Lisa the much maligned Temp here to convey the following message from Mr. Brachen: "Still ill. Curse of the E Coli. Better tomorrow I hope."        



I feel you. I am recovering from what the medics described as 'a perfect storm of viruses, diseases, and infections': ear infection (both ears), eye infection (both eyes), nasal infection, sinus infection, upper respiratory problems...man, I feel tired just writing it. Get better soon.

Same here, just got off the mat after one and a half weeks of feeling like hell. Get Better. Keep thinking good Bosox thoughts. (It'll help the healing process).
Red 'tis the color of the season!

Get better soon, dude.

Get well soon. Drink more gin, it's good to prevent that stuff.

Get better, sirrah. Congrats to the Sox on being such Sportsmen!

Man, you must be sick...
You misspelled your own last name!

Yeah, E Coli must be one nasty bug to have you misspelling your own last name. I hope you feel much better very soon...I find it helps to lie back and keep repeating: "World Champion Boston Red Sox!"

And as for the temp, once again...I'd hit it.

Coming from a man who once had E.coli (2000, Toronto...never eating at Wayne Gretzky's ever again), I feel your pain, HB. Why don't we all pitch in and give you a get well card?

H.B., that has to suck!! Looks like somebody needs to learn how to cook. Get well, man.

…must be one nasty bug to have you misspelling your own last name …

Damn Lisa the Temp. No wonder she's so maligned! There goes her shot at full employment.

Meanwhile, I'm still weak as Manny's mom that year she had the feinting spells.

Thanks for the get well sentiments.

Are you really sick H.B. or are you just watching the Sox DVD? =)

Having been laid up since Saturday, I feel you pain. Get well soon, laughing would be I believe, therapeutic.

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