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Chicken Man comes home to roost

Ah, Boggsie. What a fucking character he was. Remember his chicken superstition?


Do I? I made my mom buy his wife's recipe book Fowl Tips: My Favorite Chicken Recipes and I went through a stage where all I'd eat was chicken. Just like Boggs.


Remember when he "fell" out of the Jeep during Spring Training and his wife ran over him?


And the sex addiction? Fuck as a zitty faced teenager with uncontrollable boners, did I evah identify with that.


Greatest fan sign I've evah seen was at the height of L'Affaire Margot and a hottie blond in Anaheim was holding up a 3 by 4 placard reading: "Wade, I'm not wearing underwear!" It was at that moment that I knew I'd become a baseball groupie.


Thanks for the wonderful memories, Mr. Boggs. I am so eating some chicken today.



With all his skill and talent, making his "chicken-bones" in the league as a member of the Sawx, that indelible memory of him riding on the back of that horse around the stadium in the Bronx after the championship for the "Salminella Skankees"...ugh!
(incidently, was he wearing underwear on that horse?)...

I'm with Mazz...once you go to the darkside, it should be ovah. Did we honor the Babe when he retired? I have no idea, but if we did, we shouldn't have.

Fuck Boggs. I liked him in crimson, but once you put on the pinstripes, you're officially off my list.

Man, the memories coming flooding back. It is easy to forget how fucking weird that man was. On a separate note, the first Penthouse I ever saw was the one with his mistress spilling the beans. Good times.

Yeah, I remember that Penthouse. It's probably the only time I can recall walking into a cigar/magazine store in my old home town and seeing men in the adult magazine section, thumbing through a porno mag in public without the slightest evidence of shame or embarassment.

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