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Catchers age in dog years

Contract negotiations heat up …

Fucking Bore-ass.


Five fucking years for Tek? Are you shitting me?


Catchers age in dog years. That's like a 35 fucking year contract fercrissakes.


And a no trade clause. So much for the so-called home town discount.


Christ, I'm surprised Boras doesn't also want the Red Sox to provide Tek with his very own lucky dwarf like Pedro has.


Oh, no. Boras in his own words would never ask for anything "astronomical" … No, no. Just what the market will bear. Nothing more.


Wonder how V-Tek and A-Rod are going to get along when they're both in pinstripes next year?


Lovely and brilliantly I'm so fucking sure. Baseball is "just a business," you know?


The beautiful die young and leave the ugly to their ugly lives.



No one told me V-Tek was starring in "The Mike Piazza Story".
Scott "Bore-you-a-new-ass" (thru your wallet)will drag down an empire dollar by dollar.

Mike Piazza....that's funny. But atleast V-Tek can throw past the pitchers mound.

Speaking of Piazza, he's looking to leave the mets. Maybe just maybe if V-Tek leaves the Sox, we could get Piazza. Ha.

*weeps silenty to self*

I still remember that, when Bore-ass was Rick Ankiel(remember him, the guy who could not throe within a time sone of the plate in the 2000 NLDS?)'s agent, he constantly told Tony LaRussa not to pitch Ankiel over a certain pitch count. He was then shown on St. Louis news shows as wearing a Cardinals uniform and told that he was "our new, Rick Ankiel-only pitching coach".

Boras just wants everyone to make big bucks by playing for the MFYs. I'm suprised that there isn't a sigh above his door that says, "Scott Boras: Official Agent of George Steinbrenner and the NY Spankees".

I will not rest until I have you holding a Coke wearing your own shoe playing a Sega game featuring you while signing your own song in a new commercial starring you broadcast during the SuperBowl in a game that you are winning and I will not sleep until that happens...

You had to expect this from Boras. The deal breaker for me is the cash. $10 mil/yr or somewhere around there is obscene. I'd give him the 5 years and no-trade for half that. If it's anyone but Tek these days it's easy to turn down. The guy will be managing the team though in the last two years of that contract. My boy's wicked smaht!

cant give vtek a no-tarde. if any player gets a no-trade on the Sox, it automatically triggers a no-trade cluase in manny's contract

give him the cash, turn the no-trade down. maybe give him 11 million a year to compensate

then again, it aint my cash.

oh wait - i dont have the 40 dollars for bleachers seats anymore :p

It was nice knowing you Tek. Welcome to the ______________(insert less than great crop of free agent catchers here or Kelly Shoppach) era. Boras is bad for baseball.

Did anyone notice that Boggs was wearing a Yankee WS ring last night? Check the gallery on redsox.com.

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