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Baseball Celebrity Makeovers

Absolutely brilliant. What's fucking amazing to me is how it's an improvement for Cashman. He should definitely fucking consider a hair transplant and a perm.


Yeah, the nerdy porn star look is so fucking in. Put a satin Skankees dugout jacket on with the two NY strippers Mystique and Aura on each arm and Cashman is a real motherfucking P.I.M.P.


You know the Spankees need to add another stripper to their little pinstripe retinue … I'm thinking "Deep Throat" … you know, someone who'll teach them how not to choke on a big 3-oh.





The worst choker of all, when his name is spoken a la Snoop Dogg, becomes "Jizzeater". 'Nuff said.

Call up Linda Lovelace, coz it's time to tell them that they cannot get pleasured by choking. However, we can and did.

Anyway, I remember that this strip once called the two Spankee Strippers "Mystique" and "Destiny". Didn't G38 say it was "Mystique and Aura" that were dancers at a nightclub?

Is that "Battling Evil" shirt a real shirt? If so, I might have to get that.

Yes, the Battling Evil is a real shirt. You can get it here:
The Red Seat

Losah, I think you're right about the stripper names. I'm going to change it in the strip.

Cashman is "miffed" at Georgie for keeping him out of the Pedro meeting. Won't even give a comment right now!
So Cashman could be a stunt double for "Huggie Bear" right now and Pam Grier on his arm....Boy, you been cut off!

It's not just Photoshop Joy. Johnny D is all over the Apple in a striking Red Sox Red.

Whined Brooklyn Borough Prez (and politico of ample girth), "Breaking the Curse is still no excuse for defacing public property."


America is a big country with various popular sports and American football is one of them. NFL, the National Football League, is the highest level of professional American football in the United States.

That applies to a blockade in time of war only. Again, if Israel fomally wishes to declare war, that alters the game. Short of that, it doesn’t help.

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