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And they brought forth the he goats for the sin offering before the king.

As the turkeys roast, the stove heats …

Am I the only one who reads Pedro's "goat's den" comment as a backhanded insult toward the Spankees?


Yeah, I caught that, too. Pedro said he "would play baseball even in a goat's den" in response to a question about playing someplace other than Boston. Interesting metaphor considering Yankee Stadium is on his short list of other places to play.


Thing is, Steinbrenner's got a golden goat that shits money. MSNBC is reporting the Spankees offered Pedro 4 years, $50 million.


Yeah, but the dwarf master wants $60 million!


Gotta love Pedro's cojones.


And you gotta love it when King George gets blinded by his own desire. If Pedro's going to go to Pinstripes, it'll be a nice consolation if he manages to make the CFYs overpay in the process.


Maybe it's just because I'm still in my World Series afterglow where everything seems to break the Red Sox way, but my gut tells me that if Pedro stays in Boston, he'll have a decent few years — But if he goes to the Yankees he'll fall all to hell.


Oh, abso-fucking-lutely. Remember how Pedro pouted and moped around for months after getting booed in Fenway? What the fuck is he going to do when 60,000 start giving him the Bronx cheah?


Fuck yeah. Pedro tries to come across as such a bad ass headhunter, but the truth is he's one of the most sensitive, thin-skinned little papayas in the Majors.


Just as it was only a matter of time before the Red Sox beat the Yankees, it's only a matter of time before the Yankees start to get burned by signing former Red Sox.


I'm so fucking enjoying this God hearts us epoch.


You know it all started last Thanksgiving when Theo went to Schilling's house for Thanksgiving and the Yankees ended up getting stuffed by the Boy Wondah's maneuvering.


That was the greatest fucking Thanksgiving since the buckle hat heads stepped on ye olde mofo Plimoth rock.



Goat=Mark of the Beast=Satan=Steinbrenner. The Den of the Goat is clearly Satan's playground, i.e. Spankees Stadium. Pedro may sign with the MFYs, but he'll hate life after his first start. There's no true Stankees fans, just a loose confederation of eggcream-slurping hoodlums who drink beer and spout insults at major league ballplayers.

My Moms sent me some Sox gear. I opened the package and displayed it to this kid, asking if he was jealous. He told me he was a Yankees fan, then started cursing them and saying how bad they sucked. Did anyone say the Sox sucked in 2003? Hell no. We talked about curses, bad luck, and Grady Little but never said our team sucked. True fans.

I think you forgot 666 in your list of demonic symbols. If memory serves me right, it was the number of people who came to a rescheduled midweek day game at the Toilet this year against Tampa.

I hope that Pedro goes over to the darkside. I think he peeked a couple years ago and this will really screw them up. This could end up being the curse of Pedro for the spankees, they will have to sacrifice a goat (or cashmachine, same thing, to erase it).

Agreed. If the Skanks make him a 4 year offer. He should take it. Seriously. Seeing him trying to play us off Steinbrenner, is aggravating. I've had enough. He should go. He is too much of a risk for anything after 2 years. He is risky next year, for god's sake. He's always 37 fastballs away from his rotercuff tearing to bits again anyhow.

Plus Petey in the Nasty Uptight Pinstripe Organization would be fun to watch... the ultimate trainwreck!

Careful what you wish for, kids. Beware the premature calls of "peaked" or "past their prime." Methinks a Tenacious Texan was called that in days of yore (albeit that he was a mere Tubby Texan in his last years with the Sox).

Petey, while not Zeus anymore, can still purr-form. Or needs we forget who our second best pitcher was this year???

Not wanting to overpay Pedro and "wishing" he goes to the Yankees are two entirely different things.

It's more wishing he stays and takes a reasonable offer, but, failing that, if he goes, let someone else overpay for his services.

I've seen what happens when the Red Sox over pay for veterans: futility, frustration, and no World Series pennant. (Wasn't so very long ago, was it?)

And for every Clemens there are what a couple dozen Kevin Browns? Clemens is a rarity.

I agree wholeheartedly, H.B. In Theo I Trust, and I don't want them to overpay for ANY F.A. (including Tek).

My problem is with those who cheered for Pete a few weeks ago to say they "hope" he goes to the CFY's. Many of them dismiss him as toast. (Toast that was 50-17 over the last three years, mind you, even if he is only a #1b or #2 pitcher now...)

Regardless, the Hot Stove is worse than being a 10-yr-old and waiting to open your Christmas presents until AFTER church. Thanks for keeping the Soxaholix pumping through these nervous days.

Nevermind -- he had dinner with Slappy.

String him up! :-P

HB, thank you for the inspiration today, I took the ball and I'd like to think http://www.sdwebguy.blogspot.com> I ran with it. You all however can decide. :)

the weird thing for me with Petey over the last season was that I didn't cheer for him, I would be purched on the edge of the seat praying not to see him looking at the sky as he followed a fly ball over the C-IT-GO sign (well the monster at least). I much prefer to see him looking straight up after 3 up 3 down. I saw him before his injury from the distant centrefield bleachers against the Indians and he had great movement, I knew from the middle of the first I was watching a redsox win, but now, after his starts this year my sphincter has had such a work out I can crack nuts. now there's a thanksgiving party trick.

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