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An unwavering, wicked irony

The pursuit of free agents continues apace …

There's a guy on SoSH who says he's willing to give his girlfriend to Pavano if he signs with Boston. The dude offers, "She never stops talking, but she's very attractive and only 45 minutes from Boston, too." That cracks my ass up.


Speaking of girlfriends, what evah happened to you and that chick Ruthie?


Ah, for fuck's sake. She goes to the Red Sox victory parade and d-lowe and fucking behold out of 3.2 million people she happens to run into some guy she hasn't seen since college but always had a thing for. And then I'm getting the "let's still be friends" talk over espresso two days later.


I continue to be the victim of an unwavering, wicked irony.


You know what they say: Irony is a dog that bays at the moon while pissing on graves.


End of the pier. End of the Bay. Pretty girls make graves.



We Are the World, The Smiths, Bukowski references...it's like I'm back in junior high, except without the acne and sore wrist.

(I know, I'm the only kid who read Bukowski in junior high. Whatevah, I was a special kind of nerd)

da kine,

You are my exact target demographic!

Hey, he's human and he needs to be loved..juuuuusssst like everybody else does....wannaa.......wannaa..

So easy to segue from "let's just be friends" to "I am the SUNNNN I am the AAIIIRRREE...."- it's almost seamless, isn't it?

apparently you have a pretty defined target audience there, HB. but anyways, back to the Bukowski: did you hear about how Eric Cantona directed a short based on his "Bring Me Love"? it was pretty good, except for the fact that Cantona is just odd.

ok now i seriously LOVE you. a smiths reference (and a great one at that?! thank you from a smithsaholic/soxaholic.

not *all* pretty girls make graves. forget ruthie, have me instead.

loosah: I hadn't heard of that film, nor, I confess, am I familiar with the name Eric Cantona. I'm going to look into this though.

emily: I'm quite certain the character Doug would like nothing more than to forget Ruthie and have you. :)

Speaking of the Smiths, funny how of all the bands I grew up with, they are the one I still listen to quite a bit. The Clash and New Order are two others, but the rest, not so much. And some not at all or, worse, find myself wondering why I ever liked the band way back when in the first place.

The Sawx and the Smiths in one post. Can it get any better?

HB: Eric Cantona is a former Leeds United(who disowned him when he went to)/Manchester United/France great who is famous for being ridicuously eccentric and saying weird quotes like "When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think like sardines" or something to that effect. Odd little man, but a good actor/director.

I come here for Sox, but I end up getting so much more. Keep u the good work!

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