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A most bountiful harvest

Rider on Green Line:
Over the river and through the woods, to Pavano's house Theo goes?


Heh. A repeat of last year? That'd be sweet. But either way, we have so much to be thankful for.


Rider on Green Line:
Abso-effin- lutely … Happy Thanksgiving to Soxaholix everywhere!



Two weeks ago, I couldn't have picked Pavano out of a lineup. Now he's the center of my baseball universe. What's up with that?

Happy Thanksgiving to RSN from this outpost on the west coast!

Happy Thanksgiving all the way from Texas, H.B.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Loosah Compound in KCMO. Hope your weather is not as bad as it is here (it snowed 6 inches here yesterday, but the highway from Loosahville was clear enough). Good luck at the stores tomorrow.

I think we are all remiss in not mentioning how awesome that green line graphic is.

Thanks on the green line graphic, but the praise belongs to Chris and Emily at The Red Seat. They've been sprucing up the graphics for me. And there's more to come.

BTW, folks, I'm taking today (Friday, Nov 26) off. Didn't plan, too, but I'm suffering from a stomach thing. Bad timing as I've been waiting for weeks to enjoy a turkey and cranberry sandwich with Thanksgiving leftovers, but I'm just now able to hold down liquids. Hopefully this will pass quickly.

Get Well Soon. I have to echo the comments on the Green Line graphic, great job guys.

Back in St. Loosah today...I didn't see the Green Line graphic originally becaues the computer in KC that I was typing on was bad and it didn't come up. But if I had seen it earlier, I would have said that it looks very Red Seat-ish.

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