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The curtains are waving (while we daydream the afternoon)

It didn't end until 2am but being up 2-0 in the ALDS is worth a little next day lethargy …

Angels fans better call their Mamas and Papas … looks like all their leaves are brown and their sky is gray


Yeah, walk their rally monkey asses into a church and kneel down and pray.


We should go easy on the dreaming, though … it's not like we don't have some first hand experience with being down 0-2 in the ALDS and coming back to win 3 straight.


True dat — But the '99 Indians and the '03 A's are not your 2004 Boston Red Sox.


Yeah, and our guys aren't falling back on their heels. Kevin KFC Millar says "We have to come out on Friday and put our foot on their throat."


I'm Bill Callahan and I approve of that sentiment. [Laughs] OK. Wake or Cornrowyo as Game 3 starter?


I'm leaning toward the skinny Texan. I don't like the idea of the Angels baserunning skills giving them a real chance to manufacture runs against the Flutterballer.


All I know is the hours between now and Friday at 4pm are going to drag on like a couple old geezers playing checkers in the sun.



Does Mike Soscia's facial expression ever change from that of a confused and hurt puppy? So effing annoying!

As the Red Sox depart from the Planet Of The Apes, they should feel really good about all the Angel ass they kicked. The monkey banging Angel fans would be well advised to spend Friday at Wally World, with the Griswold family, rather than watching their beloved team get slammed agin at Fenway.

Oh, sweet nectar. I love this team. Now I need to go back to bed. Nope, didn't go to work today.........

went to the game last night. angel fans are a confused lot- need thundersticks and monkeys to yell at a playoff game. dont get it, even for out here. get angel stadium ready for motorcross, cause there is no more baseball there until april. 9 more!!

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