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Shark with a mouthful of man

Boston loses the first game of the ALCS to New York and Curt Schilling's ankle proved to be in far worse shape than anyone realized …

Did I hear Fox announcer Tim McCarver say that if Derek Jeter wasn't so busy playing brilliant baseball that he'd have found a cure that would have enabled Christopher Reeve to walk?


Yeah, but was that before or after he said Torre and Zimmer would be going to the Middle East after the season ends to help negotiate Palestinian statehood?


Gotta effin' love national media announcers with a barely disguised Yankees fetish. I'm pretty sure McCarver carries pics of his fave Bombers in his wallet.


You know not talking about it won't make it go away.


I know. But the potential loss of Curt Schilling for the remainder of the series is too fucking grim to bear.


Tell me about it. When the Ace himself is saying shit like "If I can't go out there with something better than what I had today, I'm not going back out there" it's difficult to strike up the fucking band.


The dark is empty; most of our heroes have been wrong.


I hear the death-whisper of the heron, the bone thoughts of sea-things that are almost rock …


Shark with a mouthful of man … We call on Petey. He is coming like the glory of the morning on the wave.


Let the Stadium be his footstool, and the soul of Posada his slave. Our Petey is marching on.


Author's Notes
Who better to turn to when things are down than Charles Bukowski? The 'I hear the death-whisper' from Mike and Susan's 'shark with a mouthful of man' both come from poems in Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame The final speeches also include riffs from the song 'Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory.'


McCarver is not a Yankee favorite either. He drives me up the wall saying that the ball ticking off Matsui's glove allowed for an extra base. C'mon the ball barely touched the glove. Also on the last 8 run comeback taking place in 1929 and him saying that that was the year of the crash and the depresstion. Who cares!! What does that have to with anything? Please just go away.

From today's Globe:

"It's where I wanted to put it," said Wakefield, victimized on a 2-and-2 pitch. "He just went and got it -- it was down and in to him, and I'd make that same pitch again in those circumstances. He just got it."

As a Braves AND Red Sox fan, I can think of no greater moment than when Deion Sanders gave our boy Timmy the Gatorade plunge. He is indeed an equal opportunity offender. When the Braves finally won the big one in '95, I tuned in the radio to avoid the "Tim McCarver Side-Up with the Winners" love fest. I unhappily got Vin Scully on my FM dial, but hey, while Vin bleeds Dodger blue, he's no McCarver.


"As a Braves fan AND a Red Sox fan . . ."

I hate crap like that.

I would have offered my soul for a win last night. But Pedro will prevail.

Quote from my Northern Virginian wife who, until two weeks ago, thought Trot Nixon was a racehorse:

"Fuck the Yankees. Fuck those little sluts. I didn't want to watch a good game, I wanted to watch the Yankees cry like the little bitches that they are. FUCK THE YANKEES!"

Still, I am heartened that the Sox made a tremendous rally deep in the game despite Curt's injury/meltdown. Any 'cursed' team would have sat down with the score 8-0 and the pitcher bringing a perfect game into the 6th.

I'll agree with DA KINE. Being able to see the Sox almost recover from being so far behind made it less painful to see us lose. But Pedro's remark on the spankees being his daddy has made things worse. Now this is all you hear!!! Why the hell did he say that!?!?

Granted, the loss of Schill would be tremendous. But without him, aren't we pretty much the same team we were last year, except with a real honest-to-god closer and far superior team defense? Aren't those two factors alone enough to get us five more stinking outs? Buck up, folks. Your REAL Daddy arrives today at five (on the west coast, that is)!

Where can I find some sites or images bashing the Faggot Cardinals?? Thanks and let me know. Killer site you have here!

Yankees Suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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