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Pile your ass on this bandwagon

Remarkably, the Red Sox win a game against the Yankees by way of a dramatic, 12th inning walk off homer from who else but David Ortiz …

Am I a bad fan for switching channels and leaving the Red Sox for dead when Matsui tripled in the 6th and then the Yankees took the lead on two infield singles?


Naw, I got a feeling a lot more people will be talking about Ortiz's blast from having seen the highlights this morning. Sort of like the countless millions who were at Fenway to see Clemens get 20 Ks on a cold April night.


But how about if were one of those fans Edes reports who after Saturday's massacre "went into the The Souvenir Store on Yawkey Way after the game and traded in their Sox caps for Yankee lids." Would that make me a bad fan?


That would make you not only a bad fan but a despicable piece of fucking filth. Human detritus. What the fuck is wrong with those turds? Losing faith in times of darkness is a forgivable offense. But giving up on the Sox to become a Yankees fan? That's so absurd I think Edes is making that shit up.


No shit. But if it is true, I hope the good folks at the Souvenir Store properly disposed of the returned Sox caps. Fucking tainted, bad mojo cooties and all up in there.


I've got a good feeling about this 5pm game. My Petey senses are tingling.


There is no fucking past. No fucking future. Just one game heah and now. We can win one game, right?


Oh, abso-fucking-lutely we can. Everybody's ass in going to be piled on the bandwagon today.



I'm in Southwest Asia right now and woke up mad early for three nights in a row to watch the Sox get spanked like bitches. All the other guys rag on me mercilessly since I wear my red on my sleeve, proclaiming tha this is the year. On the 4th day, my heart can't take it and I decide to work out instead of getting my dreams crushed. I get into work and the score's tied in the ninth, so of course I run to the only TV within a square kilometer and watch the conclusion. But is it really worth it? Should I wake up at 1 am to watch game 5? Sure, Petey's pitching and the momentum is going our way, but even if they win there're two more games in NY. Why did D. Blowe have to pitch well? Why did Papi have to tear the covah off that ball? My heart tells me we can still defeat the evil empire, but my brain laughs at my heart's naivety.

Oh, and as a postscript to that treatise, Commonwealth law should dictate that any fan trading in Sox garb for Spankee's gear should be sentenced to change Jason "It Ain't Steroids, It's Some Mystery Bug" Giambi's colostomy bag for 3-5 years then drawn and quartered.

Oh Petey. A nation of twitchy, insane fans pray at the feet of your midget.

oh for the love oh god...please oh please send it back to ny.

and also, for the god of the english language, it's "losing", not "loosing" the faith. though technically, some of the RSN may be "loosening" their faith. or "lessening" or ...ah, f it

josh is right...it's "losing" the faith and "loosing" my bowels when Shrek Ortiz hit that dinger in the 12th. Folks in Boston, did ANYBODY show up for work on time today?

Thanks for pointing out my typo. That's one of the words I most frequently misspell. And the spell check doesn't help of course.

Could someone please email me and let me know the history of the name red sox. What does it mean - or am I stupid and it is just literal. Thanks!

P.S. My email address is [email protected]

Ortiz just did it again. Is there a cardiac unit in New England without a 4 hour wait?

No vacancy at any EMT station in the city right now.......all hands on deck....give praise to Papi....heart rate unstable.....oh wait, yet another October with the Bosox....or is it?

This quote "My heart tells me we can still defeat the evil empire, but my brain laughs at my heart's naivety." from da kine has now become my favorite quote. I have shared it with all my Sox friends. They love it. I still believe.

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