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Nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded

The celebration continues …

Are you going to the parade tomorrow?


Are you fucking kidding me? You know I hate crowds.


What? What about when you're at Fenway or even your trips to the Stadium?


Dude, there's a huge fucking difference between 35,000 or 55,000 and 5 fucking million! That throbbing sea of pussel-guts straining and pushing and sneezing and shit. Fuck no. I will have none of it.


Your loss, Doug. I'll be there rain or shine wearing my "Pigs Fly" shirt. You bettah fucking believe it.


Hey, it's not like I'm going to miss cheering for Schilling. I'm gonna drive up to Portsmouth and see him and Bush on the fucking stump.


No fucking way!


Hey, "W" is for "way fucking way," dude.


Funny, I thought W was for "Where's the fucking WMD?"



Maybe W is for "Why couldn't you let me enjoy this for more than a day, Curt?"

Oh well, he's a horse anyway. And maybe if I was making 15 million (whatever) in a career that ends early, I'd be up in Portsmouth protecting my tax breaks, too.

But I hope not.

And Curt, you're still alright. But shh.

From Boston Dirt Dogs:

"I am now not medically cleared to do anything until I see Doc on Sunday, so I cannot travel with President Bush tomorrow. Second, while I am a Bush supporter, and I did vote for him with an absentee ballot, speaking as I did the other day was wrong. While I hope to see him re-elected, it's not my place, nor the time for me to offer up my political opinons unsolicited. I am proud we have the right to vote, and the message I wanted to send but didn't, was that regardless of who you are voting for the bottom line is that you MUST vote. You must vote because there are millions of Americans who have given their lives before us, and will continue to give their lives after us, so that we can remain free to make the choices we need to make when it comes to electing our Nations leaders."-- Curt Schilling

That sounds a bit better.. and least he's not Matt and Trey from South Park telling people NOT TO vote :)

5 Million? Damn.

Couldn't agree more. I was just starting to let it soak in and Curt pops up with this pro-W crap on GMA. Curt, you are an wicked awesome pitcher, but please, no politics, just pitching. Besides, if you look to a major league baseball player for advice on presidental politics, maybe you just shouldn't vote.

Same goes for trotting out aged and has been rockers to support a campaign as well.

I'll be soooo glad when the campaign season is over. Already seems like it's been going on for 86 years.

Woah.. We can disagree about politics, but let's not screw with the Boss :)

Wanna just pick on Ashlee Simpson instead? Or is that too easy.

No way I'm letting junior and lurch debates ruin this World Championship.

Fuck politics for at least another two days, then I'll go hold my nose and vote for one of these two idiots.

I wish I could be at the parade, I remember the Celtics parade in '86 like it was yesterday. Never got to see the Pats do theirs. Why won't they let them hold the final rally at City Hall? Menino too scared? Screw that. I want to hear a city wide "Yankees suck" chant. Have a good time guys, I'll be there in spirit.

Thank you Idiots!!

I thought we were finally going to be rid of the "Yankees Suck" chants. As world champs, it's wicked below us.

"Yankees Choke" is a MUCH more fitting replacement (and more family friendly)!

If Schilling can shill for Dunkies, why not a political candidate? Whatevah, I got much love for all of Sox nation, even if they're voting for Manny Ortez' greatest fan.

At least "Manny Ortez" wasn't as bad as Teddy Kennedy talking about "Merk McGwer and Sammy Sooser". Still, G38 shouldn't be playing politics. And "Yankees Choke" is even better fashion statemant than "Yankees Suck".

Bad timing on Curt's part, but I care much more about his herculean efforts this postseason which played such a large role in the championship. He can endorse a trained chimpanzee for president if he wants to......oh wait, that's exactly what he did!

I should also note that, once again, h.b. gets it exactly right by having Doug be a W fan. Just ordered my "1918 heah" shirt last night...

I hope "Yankees Suck" nevah goes away, especially now. Way, way back in the old (pre-champs) days, that chant always sounded a bit weak, like we were jealous of them (which, of course, we were.) Now, however, it's more of a taunt, just another way of rubbing their noses in it.

But if you really want to retire "Yankees Suck," let's do it in style. Next season, opening game, they unveil the championship banner, beat the Yanks 15-3 or thereabouts, and after the final out, the entire stadium erupts into half an hour of "YANKEES SUCK!" so loud you can hear it from orbit. After that, nobody's allowed to say it anymore.

And as far as Curt...we love ya, buddy, you're our hero, you'll never have to pick up a bar tab in New England for the rest of your life. Don't spoil the warm fuzzies by stumping for that no-talent ass clown.

No-Talent Ass Clown.. nice use of the Office Space lines, baby... :)

Gee, a humvee-driving born-agaon sun-belt millionaire for Bush. Who knew?

We've gotta protect our right to have a Little Caesar's and a Pet Smart every other block, right? Fuckin' Phoenix.

Yeah, not like there's a Cumbies, Lil Peach, Dunkin's, and D'Angelo's on every other block of Ye Olde Towne New England or anything. :)

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