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No fucking magma. No fucking lava.

The Red Sox write a new chapter in their woeful history, losing 19-8 to the Yankees at Fenway …

Bill from home:
What the fuck was that?


Bill from home:
Blind is right. We should all pluck out our own eyeballs so nevah to have to witness such a crapfest evah again. What the fuck happened to the Red Sox who swept the Angels?


Tara from home:
No, kidding. The Red Sox are the Mt. Saint Helens of the baseball world. Remember when that bitch was going to erupt "within 24 hours" and then it was all, well, just hold, this erupting shit is gonna happen,…… just give it… a moment … and we waited and waited …


Bill from home:
And nothing but a little steam. No fucking magma. No fucking lava.


Tara from home:
Disappointment on a volcanic scale. But at least the dorky seismologists have a better chance of seeing a lava show than we do a pennant. Greater chance of seeing the White Mountains blow their granite tops than a World Series for Boston.


Bill from home:
It's one thing to have the Yankees as your "Daddy." It's quite another to have them play the role of serial pedophile who keeps you tied up in some dingy basement turned torture chamber and rapes you violently 7 or 8 times a day for a week before killing you, dismembering you and then freezing your arms and legs and brain to feast on throughout the wintah.



Only consolation is that at least it was "quick" this time.....no 7th game let-down.

Go Astros/Cards!

Holy Sweet Christ. All I can do is laugh. No more anger. Just maniacal giggling. Thirty. Two. Fucking. Runs. In. Three. Games.

How ya holding up, hb?

hello, my name is mark, and i am a red sox fan in recovery. God, grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change, the courage to change the things i can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

"How could I bear to see, when all my sight was horror everywhere?"

Clearly, a 21st century Oedipus would be a Sox fan. Christ.

P.S. The chick watering the plant is kinda hot. Does that mean the fucking Sox have officially broken the fragile shield that has kept insanity at bay lo these many years?

P.S. Thanks for breaking tradition and posting on a Sunday, HB. I needed it.

i feel so raped right now..... what happened to the bosox this time around.. u knwo what i betcha babe is pissed off that we tore down his damn house...

That was a wicked strip but it was so much better to have read it after tonight's win in 12. Go Sox!

Ye of little faith.

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