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Meet me in St. Louis

It's Game 3 of the 2004 World Series in St. Louis …

So the media has annoited St. Louis fans fancy themselves as "the best in baseball"



I'm gonna give it to 'em … the best fans thing.


No fucking way! Really? Wuzzup?


It's St. Fucking Louis fercrissakes! Think about it. The so-called "Show Me State" … Show me fucking what?


Yeah, you're onto something … you visit St. Louis and the dude showing you around's gonna be all, "You seen the Arch, yet?" Check. Seen the fucking steel rainbow … "How 'bout where they make Bud?" Yeah, yeah, been on the brew tour.


St. Louis dude'll be all reaching now. "Nelly's from St. Louis, wanna see his crib?" And I'd be all, dude, do I look like the kind of chick who wants to drop down and get my eagle on? Fuck no I don't want to see Nelly's crib.


St. Louis dude'll be all resigned at this point … "Well, that's it, then. Only thing left to do is get drunk and watch the Red Birds."


There you fucking have it. Best fans in the world.


I just hope Pedro had a chance to show Mr. Nelson that Arch and shit. Don't want to fucking miss that.



St. Louis ain't no Beantown, but they do have rivahboat casinoes. That's pretty pissah. Maybe the Cards fans can drown their sorrows about another loss tonight by throwing money away at the roulette wheel.

I'm hearing all about how studly St. Louis is at home, and you know what? I'm not impressed. The Red Sox are pretty good on the road. In these playoffs they're 4 - 2, only one game worse than their home record (5 - 1), and that 4 - 2 includes being 2 - 1 at Yankee Stadium, a hell of a lot more hostile territory than Busch Stadium. I figure the Sox take at least one game in St. Louis, maybe two and clinch it.

And Busch beer sucks, too.

O.K. I read the fan site referred to in the second panel. I recommend to everyone to check it out. Especially the last section, which I shall reprint here (minus the graphics).

"7. Because St. Louis ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Lots of people think there's nothing to do in St. Louis. Well they're wrong."

(herein a picture of the arch)

"We have the arch. I've been up in the arch 152 times as of 5/27/04. I want to try to break my uncle's record of 188 times by 2006!"

Now there's something to aspire to.

(Herein a picture of 3 cans of Sphagetti O's)

"We also have great Italian food!"

My lord in Heaven. I am nearly speechless. Drag this boy to the North End. Or for that matter, my mom's kitchen.

(Herein a picture of the apparently only two black people to attend a recent game in St. Louis)

"We have black people in St. Louis, too. A lot of them! Sometimes they even come to Busch Stadium to see the Cardinals play. We even let them sit in the grandstand now! I don't really like their music that much, but I'm down with the blacks in general!"

I'm wondering if this entire site is a put-on at this point.

"About Me"

"My name is John Stephens. I'm 26 years old and I am getting my PHD in molecular biology from Washington University in ST LOUIS, which is oen fo the best schools in the entire country! If you want to email me, email me here: [email protected]."

Now I'm REALLY wondering if this site is "oen fo" those Internet spoofs one hears so much about. Does anyone have any info on this?

Aren't the Sox 2-2 at Yankee Stadium? they lost the first two there, then won the last two? not to nitpick, just making sure I'm remembering correctly!

St. Louis has yet to show any defense and with that in mind I think they lose. Yeah the Sox gave up 9 in game one but they have also made 8 errors in two games and still won. Boston won’t have any trouble scoring runs so as long as their Pedro is good the game is in the bag. Sure the Cards had the most runs in the NL but would have finished 6th in runs scored if they were an AL team. That and the fact I’ve been wearing the same Red Sox shirt for nine days w/o washing and am rocking a pimp playoff beard are too much for St. Louis to overcome.

Yup, that site is a phony. It's funny as shit, but fake. It's registered to Jake Wilson of Somerville, MA, and was put together on October 22nd of this year. Aw, who gives a shit: screw the Cahds!

Just imagine folks, Cabrera's double off the wall in game two is a home run in Busch Stadium. Lord knows how much fun big Papi's gonna have.

If Cabrera could go yard in St Pukus, Cahds are in big steenking trouble.

Pedro's first trip to the World Series, you think he's not gonna be more amped up then he's even been before? I can't wait to see him tonight. It should be wicked pissah.

That's great that it's a fake site! Too funny.

Meanwhile, though, the media does potray St Louis fans in that favorable light. So do the players, too. I recall a Baseball Today survey a few years back in which they asked players and management of all the clubs to rate "best fans" etc and St. Louis and Baltimore (argh!) both came out on top.

Anyone have a real STL fan site making a similar claim that I can change the link to?

//Anyone have a real STL fan site making a similar claim that I can change the link to?//

Here's one, albeit not as funny as the first, but it's called "St. Louis Cardinals Ultimate Fan Site" and yet it was last updated on March 4, 2004.


Let's face it--not all teams and fan bases are as easy to hate as the Yankees. I'm sure that St. Louis is filled with wholesome, friendly, cheerful fans who are kind to stray animals and obey the speed limit. We can still win without hate or contempt...it's just not quite so much fun.

I've acquainted myself with the folks at cardinalsclubhouse.com in between my usual visits to Red Sox sites and they are nice, knowledgable people. I think however the distiction of the best fans in baseball falls to us, the long suffering members of Red Sox Nation.

so this is more like a question is nelly still living in the st. louis?

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