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If I had a puppy, I'd name him Papi.

Unbelievably, the Red Sox win in 14 innings and bring the ALCS back to razor blade laced Big Apple …

When's the last time you could say the Red Sox beat the Yankees in extra innings on the same fucking day?! 11 hours of gut wrenching baseball …


Nonplussed. Nonplussed and recovering us. Recovering us even. Uneven. The brightness of it. All is light! Do you hear? Light.


David Ortiz is the resurrection and the light! Another. Another game winning hit.


If I had a kitten I'd name him, Ortizzle. If I had a puppy, I'd name him Papi. If I had a baby, I'd name him Walk-Off.


Is this for fucking real? Curt Schilling gets to redeem himself for Game 1. Gets a second chance to make 55k in New York shut their fucking Skankees mouths.


Ah, Das Boot! Schilling's going to torpedo Sheffield's overpriced shit barge and sink the Yankees' dreams.


A sea of Pinstriped flotsam and jetsam, what a glorious vision for the Fatherland!


Author's Notes
Doug's 'nonplussed' speech is from Joe Wenderoth's Letters to Wendy's, the Aug. 7, 1997 entry. The 'Das Boot' bit refers to the classic submarine movie about a German U-boat in WW2.


"Shefield's overpriced shit barge" is the most brilliant insult I've ever seen! Great strip, HB!
Has the thought ever occured to Sox brass to say something to Fox bigwigs about the obvious bias the announcers display? What a fucking insult. Leiter is great, but what is up with the other 2?

I'm tired just thinking about it. I think Tek's kneecaps are about to slide down to his ankles.

What I'm loving about this is the toe-to-toe, knock down, drag out baseball..warts & all from both sides...But we haven't seeen the absurd moment earmarking this series yet...No "Zimmer bowling", Arod "smack in the puss" etc...
I hope when it comes, it blows them out of the water. I'm seriously considering a NY cap, a new Sony walkman & one complimentary seat down the left field line for one Mr. Bartman. After all, doesn't one good curse deserve another?

I am laughing like an overmedicated dental patient at this one, HB. It's partially the sleep deprivation, but mostly that this strip is simply hysterical. Thanks!

Well, there's McCarver's obvious bias, but I think they're just bad. That's why I started a petition to remove Tim McCarver from Fox Sports MLB postseason coverage. Check the link.

Oops here it is

Red Sox Uber Skankees! As far as the Fox nonsense, much of Red Sox Nation is turning down the sound and turning up the radio or MLB Audio. McCarver and Buck blow.

McCarver is nothing more than Rivera's bitch.

This strip is fan-fucking-tastic. To comment on Joe Buck and Tim Mccarver: You can hear the excitement on Buck's voice whenever those yankee cockhounds do anything remotely good against the sox. They are almost as obnoxious as rudy guliani, billy crystal and jack nicholson (die hard LA fan, huh?)...but not quite as repulsive in their bandwagon actions.

McCarver & Buck are just puppets of the Grand Fox Conspiracy to get the Spanks back in the Series. Sure they're biased, but they have pressure from on high to promote "America's Team" and the pretty boy poster children Jeter & A-Rod. Visa commercials, Boys & Girls club, their girlish mugs are everywhere while we settle for Millar hocking chicken on NESN and Gabe Kapler sitting down for dinner with Bernie and Phyll (quick sidenote: remember the commercial for the Sox' wives' cookbook "Crowding the Plate" with Rod Beck and Scott Hatteberg? Fucking genius).

Long story short, Rupert Murdoch & Georgie Steinbrenner rule the Evil Empires in tandem.

Al Leiter's pretty good tho...and that Scooter has some real talent...and Jeannie Zelasko's hair reminds me of my aunt Patty from Woburn...so i guess it's a wash.

I am a Yankee Fan, checking on the enemy and I soooooooo agree with the Fox slams. I can't stand Fox and I hope that the new MLB channel and those idiots in Seilig's office please cancel all major sporting events on FOX. I would've preferred Psycho to McCarver and Buck! Yikes! Makes me nostalgic for Costas. At least he knew what he was talking about.

There was this stat that fox mentioned, oh, about eighteen billion times over the last few days.

"No team has ever come back.....blahblahblah".....

I swear to god if Buck mentions that stat one more frigging time I will personally drive to the Bronx and rip his beating heart out of his chest.

Oh yeah, I took a dump today and named it Scheffield...

"Oh yeah, I took a dump today and named it Scheffield..."

Beautiful. Now that's what I'm talking about. :)

yeah it was ment to happen...the sox win the world series. if the yankees had a good year they would have won, unfortunatly they sucked this year and it just so happened that so did the red sox, hey they had some luck. thats all it was pure luck, so all you red sox fans out there shout the hell up cuz yanks wow 26 world championships, and even a couple of american league division on the years that they did not play their best, such as 2004

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Can somebody please start a petition to have Joe Buck removed from announcing all of fox sports football and baseball games? I will be the first one to sign it.

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