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I got your Big Sur right here

It's show time. Red Sox v Angels, ALDS Game 1, 4pm today …

All over the Simi Valley, fuckers are setting aside their fish tacos to go look for their thundersticks.


Yeah, check this shit out: Cocksuckers have a "Yankees Suck" thunderstick. How fucking original.


What the fuck do you expect, it's the land of chinplants and tummy tucks for fuck's sake. Nothing's for real.


No, shit. Even their Rally Monkey had to get a dick enlargement implant I heard.


Yeah, check out this little monkey spankah blogging the Angels and comforting himself with how cursed the Red Sox are.


Hey Halofan, two fucking words: Donnie Moore.


Shit, dude, don't mock the dead. [Crosses himself]


Hey, I'm just fucking sayin' … that's all.



Rally monkeys and thunder stix? Fuck these neophyte bastids and their made-up 'traditions'. I got mad respect for the Vlad the Impaler, but the fans need to get Louisville Sluggahs upside their scrota.

I just came back from S.D. and those m.f.ers love fish tacos. They were terrible! If the fish taco is their signature food at the park, then they should stick to sun bathing and face lifts.

My comment...

Man, that's some good baseball analysis but you forgot one game seven...

October 15, 1986 - the Sox won that one against an overrated lollypop throwing southpaw named John Candeleria...

Best of luck to Jarrod Washburn and co.

Who needs a lame-ass goddamned "Rally Monkey" when you've got the Superhuman Strength of the Wonder Twins: Manny Ortez!

Schill is gonna step up. Angels is gonna get knocked the fugg out.

I am so nervous. I don't think I can handle another October. Last year nearly killed me.

There's nothing good about SoCal... except for the fish tacos. Mmmmmm. I got the hell out of Boston just to get real Mexican.

Jeez! I love Soxaholix, but I hope you realize HOW twisted these two guys are.

You know, the Angels are a very good team, and they're hotter than the Sox. They could easily win a 5 game series. What's going to happen to al this anger then?

H.B.,that was very funny with the monkey and all, but who the hell is Cesar Crespo superpunk anyway! Why would you want Mexican food from Boston, hombre! Aren't you supposes to be Puertorriqueno anyways.Pinche Crespo, ha!!!!

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