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Get Lyle and Erik a day pass

Another loss, the Red Sox are now down 2 nil to the Yankees …

So now we've got the Yankees right the fuck where we want them.


Hella the fuck yeah we do. We'll get Daddy back in Fenway then go all Menendez Brothers on his sorry ass.


Fuck, at least Pedro didn't allow the Yankees to pull a Michael Jackson at the Neverland Ranch on him. Dude had his most impressive fastball in years, surrendering only three runs on four hits in six, and striking out seven? That should fucking do it.


All hail the mighty John Lieber. Swing early and often at anything, fellas, that'll do it. Did I miss the memo where the Sox hitters were told to give the fuck up on patience and the importance of OBP?


Hey, at least that die hard Sox fan John Kerry is feeling our pain. Not. Fucker said he'd take the Presidency over a Red Sox World Series.


It's looking more and more like Dude's gonna be oh-fer-2 as far as either goes. Rides a mean fucking bike, though.


It's going to be a long fucking wintah.



Totally agree about the hitting early. But was it just me or did the ump have an unusually wide strike zone? I greatly question Damon's last AB when they caught him looking--pitch looked outside to me. And when guys are leaping out of the way to protect themselves, well, normally I'd call that inside. Then again, when you're named Jeff Nelson, why should I expect you to give the Sox any breaks?

The Spankees are coming to OUR house for the next three. Once the Sox bats heat up, they should be able to take the momentum to NY and split the last two, taking the series in 7.

It boggles my mind! As a Bosox fan in NY, I can't understand how this team just shoots thier mouths off and then gags on the field, time after time. Finally Pedro pitches well enough to win and the rest of the team comes out and stays flat. They looked beat from the start.To hell with the Spankees..Rally the toops!...Cowboy up!...
Show us something!

Red Sox are through. Yanks will take one game at Fenway.

Lieber this year averaged something like .9 BB per 9 IP.

Um, Damon would be the guy with the beard.


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