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Game 1: Nipped and Tucked

The Red Sox take Game 1 of the ALDS over the Angels …

Was that a great F-F-Figgin game or what?


Yeah, I Figgin enjoyed every minute of it. [Laughs] Gehrig38 wasn't perfect but he was bettah than Washed-Up-Burn and that's all that counts: W, Schilling.


No kidding and the best part is there's plenty of Schilling left for his next ALDS start, if necessary.



Is it me or did Johnny Jesus Damon's hair grow about 3 inches between Sunday in Baltimore and yesterday in Anaheim?


Dude's probably been chowing down on some of those, er, "fish tacos", wink, wink … that's pure protein. Makes everything grow. [Laughs]


Did you read how Buckley's got his tighty whities twisted ovah Pedro's no show in the pregame ceremonies? For fuck's sake, who cares about that shit?


Yeah, I fucking love it when journalists lecture us about "respect." Hey, Buckley, your buddy Callahan call anyone a "gorilla" lately? That was a real gem of respect. Fuck wad hypocrites.



Screw the Spankees, Pedro. I am your Daddy, and I am telling you to whoop the Angels' collective ass.

I have a serious hangover today. And Petey is my cure.

is it me, or do Petey and Fat-olo look like a before-and-after photo on latenite TV? i thought SoCal was the land of the beautiful people...

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