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Chill it, but don't uncork it

The Red Sox win again! Take a commanding 3-0 game lead in the World Frickin' Series! …

I had this ridiculous dream that the Red Sox were up 3-0 in the World Series.


You bettah lay off the Turkish Delights before bedtime or next you'll be telling me Manny Ramirez made a highlight worthy defensive play to gun down a runner a home!


Un-fucking-believable! One game and 27 outs from ending 86 years of hopeful desperation.


And so the Cardinals now find themselves in the unfortunate circumstance of drawing inspiration for an 0-3 comeback from the very team they hope to comeback against!


And here I'd been led to believe the age of irony was ovah?


Yeah, well, I thought the days of astrology and druids humping in the fields to cause a good harvest were ovah too but as our Curly Haired Boyfriend points out, tonight there's a fucking lunar eclipse. The first evah during a World Series.


Deep down you know the CHB is hoping the "the blood red moon" is Cardinals red and not Boston red. What the fuck is the dude gonna do when he can no longer peddle the Curse?


Oh, for fuck's sake dude'll find a way to piss all ovah it. He'll probably start cranking out a book with the working title "How the Red Sox World Series Victory Left a Region Depleted and in Search of a New Identity" and columns like "After Red Sox World Series, Testosterone Levels Down, Breast Milk Gone Sour, Children Born With Missing Toes and Extra Eye!"



Don't forget Black Shrek. Ortizzle showed some nice leather and a good arm, too.

So did anyone else notice that Buck is still waiting for the other shoe to drop? I swear to god I thought I heard him say that they have reviewed Bellhorns game six homer and we will have to go back to the bronx.

Him and McCarver are gonna be crying like little girls when we finally end this....


There were articles before this game that stressed that the changes required to play under NL rules would undermine the Sox's defense, the same defense that had made 8 errors, with special attention to Ortiz at 1st. So what happens? Martinez, who chopped it up in Game 2, throws a strike to the plate to cut down Walker by a yard (I'd have sent him, too). And Ortiz throws behind the runner at 3rd to double him up - I can't figure out if it's more remarkable that he physically made a perfect throw that a first baseman rarely makes, or that he was mentally prepared to do so.

The great teams shake off their own errors, and cram yours down your throat.

Killer last frame! We all heard about how great Jeff Suppan was the next coming of Cy Young. We all heard about how our defense would be tried and they excelled. You could hear the pain in the voices of Buck and McCarver. Well, screw them all, let's get this done!

Along with bringin the brooms to Busch Stadium tonight, I hope someone brngs McCarver and Buck a box a tissues...Did ya notice how McCarver was callin Petey a genius all of a sudden? Now he's the best pitcha in the league? Gimmie a break McCarver, you suck.

I can't stand Buck and McCarver. I had to watch the NY series on mute. They are idiots and should not be calling the games.

I would love a sweep tonight, but I know how the Red Sox are... I'm keeping my skeptical NE spirit!

Up to DLowe tonight...

Can I just say how good Rick Sutcliffe is?

Wow, the 'greatest fans in the world' are booing their own team an awful in the 3rd inning of game 4.

It's over. Thank you for all you've done.

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