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At night the shadows are unborn creatures

Fans await Game 3 at Fenway and a shift in momentum …

Should we be doing a rain dance today or what?


You're thinking a postponement and extra day gets us a bettah chance of Pedro on short rest?


Oh, I'm fucking more crazy hopeful than that: I think an extra 24 hours gets us a Schilling start in this bitch of a series.


Dude, I know Fran-Coma says he won't rule out another start by 38, but c'mon … It's time to just face the fucking music. It's gonna come down to D-Lowe.


It's hard to live here. It's very hard to live here.


In the morning over breakfast, I see them roll the dead down Beacon Street.


Author's Notes
The final two speeches from Bill and Mike are again taken from Bukowski. This time from the poem 'the rent's high too' appearing in the collection Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame


OH,God,no!!!!! Not Lowe,Please!! My limbs went stone cold, and I felt my bowels clinch. My blood boils when I see Lowe-Down on the mound. He better buck up and pull one out of his ass this time!!

If it comes down to D. Blowe, maybe he'll get some of the old magic back. I mean, shit, he used to actually do a passable impression of an MLB pitcher.

It's very strange. Last year and in previous years, I became despondent during the postseason when the Sox were down. This year? I'm full of rage. I've told people to "drop dead" during the last two games....and they were Sox fans. I've maligned the character of every single person on the Sox roster. I might even kick a puppy today.

I've come undone.


I know exactly what you mean. I'm fucking surly as all hell. I just want to pick fights with people over anything. Already angry, I just want to get even angrier. It's the only thing that seems to make sense.

Losing 2 down in toilet town would've made Mother Theresa kick the shit out of a homeless infant. I'm waiting to hear Skankee spys put some heavy sedatives into our teams Gatorade for those first two games. Damon's at bats made me feel like I was watching "Faces of Death XXII" again. Belhorn looks like some fan they pulled out of the stands of nickel beer night and said " Here, try to hit a big league pitcher!" And if Millar pulls off another Special Olympics AB, I say yank him and put in Doug (please buy a vowel) M. at 1st. Same lame ass production, yet great D. What happened between game 3 against the Angels and game 1 of this series? By the way, has Susan ever spent time on the phone with Bill O'Reilly?

"...the breakers of joy only take place on one condition: that the ebb of pain be no less dreadful. The doubt born of great sorrows cannot help but illuminate those who enjoy -- who can fully know happiness only transfigured, in the dark halo of sorrow."

-- George Bataille, "The Impossible"

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