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And down goes Goliath. Down goes Goliath.

The Red Sox beat the Yankees! The Red Sox beat the Yankees! …

And all over the Nation there was great rejoicing by the people. The vaunted Yankees vanquished at last.


The greatest comeback in baseball history! The greatest comeback in baseball history. Now who's your fucking daddy New York?


Silly Spankees, even on the verge of collapse they were cocky enough to think the whole thing was a big joke. Trotting out Bucky Fucking Dent to throw the first pitch.


Yeah, and offering Warner and Henry the Babe Ruth suite to watch the game. So fucking smug. How's that shit working out for you now, Georgie?


Yeah, our Johnny Fucking Damon grandly slams the history book on your bloop homer Bucky soon-to-be-forgotten Dent.


Who knew that laying off the fiancee bootay was the key to Damon's success?


Yeah, Johnny, moving forward let's get our priorities straight. Hit the ball first. Hit the pussy later, after the pennant. Mmm-kay?


Poor, Georgie Steinnie Heinnie … all that fucking payroll money just to choke. Three outs from the World Series then three more games to put the Red Sox away and Shitfield, Stinksui, Gayrod, and Teeter couldn't get it done.


Yeah, Steinbrenner forgot Poland. Shit for brains.


The greatest comeback in baseball history …


I'll nevah tire of hearing that.



I'm still all emotional and shit. The bloodletting in NYC will be of historic proportion unless Steinbrenner has a thrombo and pitches over into his cold bowl of devastation soup.

This is the greatest sports moment of my life (at least until we clinch the series next week).. I cannot begin to describe how amazing this feels, but I think this picture sums up our collective reaction quite nicely...

I'm jealous of everyone who actually got to party in Boston, but we still whooped it up out here in Columbus, OH and all over Red Sox Nation...

Keep the Faith, y'all...

This is one step closer to a glorious mountain top. Oh, how sweet this is, but the journey need be continued...Oh, Thank you God!

Great pic, Johnny. That's worth 1,918 words for sure.

great vistory. but im gonna kick francona's ass. pedro in the 7th? explain it to me. lowe is kicking ass, the yanks fans are totally out of it, pedro can pitch game 1. so what do we do? the reverse-grady-little! someone pleeeease explain it

The coyote outsmarts the road runner!
The hammer gets pounded by the nail!

Who cares about the world series? the Red Sox defeated the Yankees for the world championship of each other.

I'm only kidding. Bring on whoever.

Johnny fucking Caveman....Let's all say it together-


How great does that sound? I want to say it again.


Did this just happen? Am I dreaming or something?

Perfect. Just perfect.

A gigantic weight has been lifted.


I'm a Sox fan in MFY country. The other day, some arrogant guy who works in my building told me I was a "traitor" for not being a Yanks fan and that our team was the dumbest in history for not coughing up the dough for A-Rod. I just saw him. I smiled and said, "Well, the secret is finally out. A-Rod has a vagina."

I love today.

It kept me warm at night after game 3 thinking to myself "if only we can scrap out a few wins. Then I'll be happy imagining some rat bastard child of Steinbrenner was hired to put out the bubbly hang up tarps to protect the lockers from flying booze. If we win that little prick has to take down the tarps before the comes crying back into the club house." My prayer was answered when he had to take down the tarps FOUR TIMES!!!

Ther's a smile on my face ...for the whole human race... Why, it's..almost like bein' in love!! Johnny, brother, I feel ya. I'm in Houston, and I'm jealous, too. I'm so proud; I feel like I've had a a bouncing baby boy! I'll tell you why Lowe did so good and Pedro so bad: Lowe was sucking Pedros talent from him.That's the only way to fucking explain it!Boy howdy, did the Sox give it to the Yanks with no loob or what.

Red Sox Nation West salutes you, hb! Go Sox!

Out here in Seattle, the local chapter of NEIE (New Englanders In Exile) was whooping it up well into the night. We even converted a bunch of Mariners fans over to our side (not to difficult, considering their bitter hatred of A-Rod.)

Speaking of which: How's Day One of the Curse Of A-Rod Era treating y'all?

While I might, as someone whose team was just spanked up and down the field, be inclined to quibble on small points ("The greatest comeback in baseball history" remains the '78 Yankees), I must doff my cap to the better team. Congratulations to the Sox, and more importantly, to everyone in the Nation who's experiencing a combination of Christmas (or Hanakah, Ramadan, whatever), their birthday and the last day of school all rolled up in one.

Good luck in the Series. I will keep myself warm this winter with thoughts of Beltran in center. And here's to the "greatest rivalry in sports" becoming an actual rivalry.

To all my friends in Maine best of luck down the stretch from NY What a series your my daddy this year but remember its a long way off from 26 of them

Great job with the strip all season, hb, and good call going with the hot chicks to toast and celebrate the American League Championship!

Congrats on the ALCS. You deserve it. Just remember Babe, Bucky, Buckner, Boone, (fill in the blank with Belran, Bigio, Berkman or Bagwell)

Congrats...you earned the victory, played hard, and we choked. Just keep in mind that my curse isnt broken yet you dirtbags and whether its the killer B's and Clemens or Pujols hammering the crap out of you, the Red Sox will go down in the end.

Let's see if I can do this without gloating at all...let it go, Yankee fans. If you didn't hear it from Brandon Tierney last night--a Yankee fan if ever there was one--everything you've held over Red Sox fans' heads for the past 80 years is gone, and it's gone for good. If you just can't help but say something to try and assuage the pain (take it from those who know), at least drop the Bucky Dent crap. It's kinda lame after last night (tasteless move, by the way).

Now, you should let go of the but-but-but arrogance and start focusing on the Yankees' faults, for a change.

HOLY SHIT!!!!! i cant begin to say how awesome this feels. suck on that shit steinbrenner. you can keep gay rod and his butt buddy jeter. DAMON IS MY HOMEBOY!!!

Never in the history of sports has there been a nation so hooked on one team. No matter where you're from Boston will forever be linked with the greatest sports story in your memory. Every sports fan will remember where they were when the BoSox took down the evil empire, and released decades of frustration for the teams fans and players.
Thank you Red Sox for giving every true baseball fan a forever lasting memory of heart, perseverance, and character.
Nice to see that you not only ended a curse, but dropped a new one on the team that gave it to you; The Curse Of A-Rod.
It's not over yet though, go get yourself that title belt.


Notes to a couple of posters:

1)"Jamie" Hey stink twat, your choke fuck team ain't won a WS since their payroll has exceeded 100 million. Do you think Beltran will play in that fucking toilet you call a city? 1/2 of that team will be gone by Christmas. Clark, Olerud, Gordon, Brown, Lofton, Heredia, Quantrill, Cairo, Sheffield, just to name a few. I'm sure if Beltran turned on that game and saw the NYPD decked out in riot gear on the field DURING THE GAME his first thought was "Gee, I'd love to play there!"

2)Ghost Of 3: Listen here you drunken, dumb, goat fucker: Hammer the crap out of us? You jerk off. Let's say that does happen. What does that say about your group of overpaid steroid fucks? We beat them like you beat your pudd while sniffing your mothers panties.

Stay the fuck out of our city you parking space stealing worthless fucks. You hate our teams but our schools are good enough for your trustfund bankrolled lazy asses. I can't wait until this weekend when we dis-assemble that other group of phony fucks, your Jets.

Hey Red Sox Fans, God help you if you win the World Series. Who knows which one of you is next. At least when a championship is won in NY (even after a 50 + year draught) we don't burn up cars or kill our residents.

Glad to be a Yankee fan where I feel safe to go out at night and not be shot by a cop for celebrating. Heck, they don't even shoot the Red Sox fans down here.

if you ever had any doubt about the lack of class of (most) Yankee fans, Babe has given us a shining example: unable to argue in support of his team (which just got owned by the Red Sox), he stoops to making fun of a tragedy that occured to a young woman in Boston last night ... a freak accident caused by a non-lethal crowd control weapon. as if those things don't happen in NYC ... yeah, right ... Babe, you're a clown with a large mouth, tiny brain and no class at all. in short, a perfect example of a present day Yankee fan.

Hey Henryt,

Like most Sox fans, you don't read all the facts. If you look at an earlier posting, I give my congrats to your team for a job well done.
A freak accident, maybe. But why was it needed to be done in the first place? Even when NY hosted the convention earlier this year, safety of the protestors were our main concern. I see Boston has no concern for its supporters.

Good Luck vs the Cards. Your life may depend on it.

Hey Babe, Steinbrenner's on the phone... He's gonna have the team down at his house to celebrate the end of another solid season. He needs you to clean the pool first though, so meet up with Mariano's cousin at the back gate and bring your toaster oven.

Hey Babe, Steinbrenner's on the phone... He's gonna have the team down at his house to celebrate the end of another solid season. He needs you to clean the pool first though, so meet up with Mariano's cousin at the back gate and bring your toaster oven.

I guess Boston's idea of class is Grass. Now I understand what you mean by not making fun of a tragedy. Thanks for the example by your cohourt.

Hi. I'm a journalist based in Baltimore, and I've been assigned to do a feed for the Globe on Sox fans gathering in Baltimore to watch the series tomorrow night. I was wondering if you might have some leads. Thanks a lot.
Best regards,
Gary Gately

Bill Simmons says it best here:


This guy has never stopped loving the Sox. Great article.

The scum from Chokeville remind me of those scenes in "The Passion Of The Christ" where Satan looks on as Jesus suffers and dies. Then again, Yankee suck-up scum are lower on the food chain than good ol' beezlebub himself. I remember last year when we lost and we kept the hate in house. Those mentally disabled fucks from wherever can't take it, so they attack US with their computers. Your own newspapers are carving your team up, for chrissake's. You better hope we kill St. Louis so you can validate your getting beat by such an awesome Red Sox team. For if the Cards beat us (like most of you cockhounds beat your spouses after game 7,) that adds insult to injury.


TRY WINNING A FEW WORLD SERIES, in a row for that matter.....

You Sox fans always care more about what the Yankees are doing than what your own team is.

You will LOSE in the WS-

1918 1918 1918 1918 1918

We might lose to St Louis, Mike. They're a very, very good team. But that's not gonna turn back time by a week, now is it?

Funny you should mention 1918, because starting next year, your team will be treated to taunts of "2004" from opposing fans. Enjoy.

I know I will.

Ahhh, Yankee fans. They never fail to disappoint, showing up here the morning after their greatest defeat, beating their hollow chests, penning empty words – all in an attempt to assuage their broken spirits and tortured minds. Their fruitless attempts are comical and quite delicious. Keep up the charade, oh sons of the evil empire!

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