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ALCS Version 2.0

The rivalry resumes: Red Sox v. Yankees, 2004 ALCS …

Hey, Callaghan, you got your worry beads out yet?


Ah, Marty Silverstein, my least favorite Spankees fan. To what do I owe the displeasure.


Ah, is that anyway to treat your former college room mate? You're not nervous or anything are you Billy boy? By the way, from now on you can just refer to me as "Daddy" [Laughs]


Yeah, figures you'd like something like that. Fucking New York pervert. If you'd stop a moment to get your head out of your Times Square peep show, maybe you'd realize how miserable your pitching is this year. And your best guy Rivera may not be "mentally fit" to pitch due to some shocking family issues.


Class, Bill. You Red Sox fans are all class. Can't wait to hear the chant your Fenway low lifes will come up with when Mariano takes the mound. But I understand how all that losing can rot one's soul.


Hey, you're the one who called me, ass wipe. You sound scared, Martin. You afraid this is the year it finally happens?


Oh, yeah, Callahan, I'm fucking shaking so hard the 26 World Series rings are clinking. You know the BoSux couldn't beat New York in October if we sent our double A club out there.


Ah, right. It's your two skanky Yankees strippers, "Mystique" and "Destiny." [Laughs]


Laugh on Callahan. A lap dance from those two beats the clap you'd get from the Red Sox strippers. What're their names again, "Melancholy" and "Tristeza"? Probably still hurts when you urinate after what happened Game 7 last year.


I know your sick head would like nothing more than to contemplate sick fantasies regarding my piss, but I've got to go read yet another story in the NY press about how the Yankees "aren't as good as they were a year ago" and how the Sox are.



Its really tough to come back in any argument with a MFY fan. We will just have to suck it up and let the 2004 Red Sox do the talking!!

Dirt Dogs a little sensitive about a shirt this am..OMG lets sack up Nation!!

Glad to finally see the "Other Side" represented in one of your strips. Just remember "Who's your Daddy?".

Ah, the obnoxious MFY fan that everyone in the Nation is forced to know. I think you captured him just right...no doubt Marty thinks Michael Kay is brilliant and that the most important attribute for a ballplayer is his intangibles. Of course, he has no answer for where Jeter's disappeared to when he was 0-4 with 2 K's and a costly error in Game 6 of the World Series...

It is mother fucking "go" time. And don't worry about MFY fans. You can see the fear in their eyes when you mention the words "Heredia" or "Loaiza".

It is ooooon tomorrow, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls! This kind of scum sucking MFY fan must be humbled once and for all. I was told yesterday here in San Diego by a MFY fan that "you guys are going down again this year." Not this year, bitches!

Just wanted to point out that most of us MFY fans HATE Michael Kay AND that John Sterling bs. We do, however, love Frank Sinatra.

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