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2 down, 2 to go

Despite fielding errors and many many many men left on base, the Red Sox take a 2-0 lead in the World Series …

The FrankenSchilling does it again!


Un-fucking-believable. Schilling wakes up and can't even walk. 12 hours later he's dueling Renteria in the top of the first.


Fucking Renteria … what'd he foul off a couple hundred pitches in his first at bat?


No shit. I kept trying to crush his head between my thumb and index finger like that Kids in the Hall guy used to. "I'm crushing your head, Edgar! I'm crushing your head!"


Two more wins from the Red Sox Rapture. When we the chosen will ascend through the air to meet Babe Ruth in the sky where he will declare the second coming of the Red Sox dynasty!


Yeah, that shit is cool and all, but aren't your worried about losing your identity?


You mean how we Red Sox fans will lose what makes us "special" … That we define ourselves by losing and a World Series win will leave us empty?


Yeah, what the hell will we do with ourselves? How will I know who I am for fuck's sake?


No problem, dude. You can just go down to the RMV and they'll issue you a new fucking identity.


Fucking A. I love the mofo RMV!


Hell yeah. After the Patriots won their first Super Bowl and I totally lost my identity, I went down there, took a fucking number, got a reissue and registered to vote at the same fucking time.


Christ, who knew this winning shit would be so frickin easy?



I think it's "I'm crushing your head!"

And St. Louis? Don't put salt in your eyes.

I actually remember it as "squish your head" ... and have found at least a couple of web references to back me up. (Of course, there are t-shirts on the web that say "2004 Yankees, Back-To-Back American League Champions", so YMMV with web references. *GRIN*)

Allan, Thanks on the "crushing." I swapped it out.

OK. Now it's squish. :)

If we go to the RMV, will we see they hired that asshole Dan Duquette? He has the perfect set o' people skills they so richly desire. Also, after we win the series, will your name change? Maybe to Hart Back-Together so we can continue to address you as h.b.?

as a sketch comedy nerd, "crushing your head" was correct. The sketch is listed as "Crushing Your Head" on the DVDs of the series, but I'm sure Mark McKinney says squishing in them as well.


A WINNER doesn't have an identity crisis ...
But a WHINER does!
I hear there's vintage "Whine" in the Bronx these days.
2 down 2 to go. Let us pray....

I wanna dip my balls in it!

did Schill's press conference after the game give anyone else chills? just once on my commute i wanna see signs outside of fire stations and street signs wishing ME good luck at work. i mean, what's this guy got that i ain't got?

For one, a set of stones bigger than Plymouth Rock. For another, he has a wicked hot wife. Hell, his dog has it better than we do. Forgive me Fadha, for I have sinned. I covet a WS trophy and Shel's wife (in that order).

I am 100% certain that the phrase is "crushing your head" and not squishing. I imitated the guy saying "crush! crush!" for the entire 12th year of my life. It was my favorite Kids in the Hall sketch.

It is mentioned on the Kids in the Hall DVDs, and you can even buy a T-shirt of the guy with the phrase "I am crushing your head" from Amazon.

A Google search for "kids in the hall" and "crushing your head" has literally ten times the number of hits as "squishing your head".

I have never been more certain of anything in my entire life.

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