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The Talented Mr. Nelson

It takes 11 innings, but the Red Sox get it done, beating the Devil Rays and gaining ½ on the rained out Yankees …

Ah, Derek Lowe … Horrigan calls Lowe "enigmatic" in his column today, but I'm not sure there's any mystery to Lowe.


No shit. "Phlegmatic" is more like it. Five runs on eight hits in only 2 1/2 innings? I'm coughing up a loogy just thinking about this guy starting in the playoffs.


The only enigma will be diagnosing what form of mental retahdation Francona Crotch suffahs from if he names Lowe to his planned four-man ALDS rotation.


Speaking of four, that's how many games the Spankees will need to win to take the Division.


Hey, did you hear El Puque has a sore shoulder? He's day to fucking day …


Abso-fucking-lutely. Torre believes the problem dates back to a Sept. 17 start versus Boston, which was interrupted by rain.


That or maybe Pedro's diminutive Dominican, Mr. Nelson, really is a mofo lucky charm?


Fuck yeah! Meanwhile, I hope someone's making sure the big guy Ortiz doesn't accidentally sit on the little shit and crushes the life out him …



I do believe that it is time to take Mr. Lowe down dirty shame out back to the wood-shed. Maybe Pedro needs to sick Nelson on him...creeeeepy.

Sigh. I've been trying to defend Lowe all season. I even named a stray kitten I took in after him: "Gidget". But, crissakes, he sucks. So, who do you start for the playoffs: Wake or Lowe? That's a tough one.

I'm with JB, but not because of his performance this season ... am I the only one who remembers how NAILS this guy was out of the bullpen last fall? Put Arroyo in the starting rotation, I'm fine with that, bring Lowe on as middle relief. Timlin, Embree, Leskanic (when he's on), Mendoza, SWilly, Foulke AND Lowe out of the pen? Be still, my beating heart.

I confess to harboring hopes that Lowe will be great out of the pen. I think they're going to start him, though, and that is troublesome based on what we've seen the past several starts.

It's not like he's not trying. It's a contract year for him so the last thing he wants is to do poorly.

You really think they're going to start him? Oh sweet Christ. Are you serious? This cannot happen. I guess it's time to start drinking....

booze, pills, huffing paint, whatever your preferred method of dealing pain and horror...

Maybe Francoma will turn to Wakefield instead. Not that his troubles of late will keep you from turning to mind alterering vices.

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