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Oh, that Yankees mystique

It was a fantastic Labor Day Weekend for Sox fans, something not normally experienced in these parts …

Hey, did you punch any walls over the weekend?


Naw, I was too busy using my hands to pick my mofo chin off the floor … Our guy wins his 18th while their guy takes a crap in his vaunted Pinstripes. Un-fucking-believable.


And then the team that likes to fancy itself as the "classiest" club in all baseball has the fucking gall to request a forfeit from Tampa Bay?


Yeah, Florida is in a state of emergency, military patrolling the streets ready to shoot looters, 6 million without power, airports closed, and all the rest that comes with being in a motherfucking disaster area, and the Spankees want out on a technicality? Want to penalize the Rays for being late to a game? What the fuck?


I nevah thought I'd live to see the day when the Mother Fucking Yankees are scared to play the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.


These chicken shits are pissing on the memory of heroic former Yankees like Munson and Gehrig.


And I'm loving every god damned minute of it.



The Yankees are panicking. And the Sox continue to give Oakland fits. Awesome.

Great strip. Wondering what became of the Yankee-fan character that you briefly introduced? Now might be a good time to bring him back...would be funny to see a little false bravado mixed with underlying panic, all wrapped up in desparate rationalizing of the MFYs' lame push for that forfeit...

Good suggestion. I'm so behind on introducing not only new characters but different "looks" of the regulars.

Also some of the previous characters are currently in limbo due to some problem with TypePad and the CSS code that calls in the images. I haven't had a chance to look into that more closely.

Soon I hope.

I thought the Yankee guy got fired for incompetence? That or he was playing Freecell too much on company time...

How many calls did George put into the Weather Channel in the last 36 hours? Would that number be as high as how many times Pinella has asked himself "What the fuck was I thinking?" in regards to taking the magerial job of the Tampa Bay Double A's. The home that he had to be so close to just went by the Mall of New Hampshire. What a shame. Another 1978 payoff game participant that I like to see get kicked in the scroti. By the way, do the Sox have Chokeland's number, or what. When they can't hit that BP shit Arroyo's tossing up there...

Maybe Bush should request a forfeit from Iraq.

You didn't hear? Bush did request a forfeit from Iraq, but the commissioner's office--Haliburton --denied the appeal. Too much money to make.

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