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Oedipus the Third Base Coach

The Red Sox sweep the Angels …

Nine in a mofo row? 15 of the last 16?


Hell, yeah! Even reprising their off Broadway stage show "L.O.B" didn't keep the curtain from rising … The Sox stranded 14 and still toughed it the fuck out.


Of course, Death Wish Dale finally got another Sox hurt with his hard on for sending runners in a no chance situation. The MRI on Ortiz suggest he'll miss two days to two weeks of action.


Sacre Bleu! What the fuck is wrong with that man? Worse what the fuck is wrong with the Red Sox for sticking with him?


Sveum should come with a surgeon general's warning: Danger, could cause bodily injury when running basepaths.


Can you not feel Sveum's blindness, his exile, as he stands in the box giving the "Go!" sign? He is Oedipus, eyes plucked from his fucking head. He is in exile and he's taking us with him, sonaovafuckingbitch!


Bliss in ignorance, abso-fucking-lutely. Probably sleeps with his moms, too. [Laughs]



Ortiz was #2.

Bring back Wendall.

Right, Youkilis was the first! I'll update the bubble to reflect this.


Oh bye the way H.B., I don't know if you noticed but the catch Roberts made in right field ranks among the best ever. It even rivals Swaboda's catch in the 1969 World Series.

Saw the catch! Amazing. The throw to second was intense, too.

Ortiz should know how to fucking slide without injuring himself.

Ortiz should know how to fucking slide without injuring himself.

Well said. I failed to see that P.O.V.


Well, here I am living in Chicago. Born 20 miles from Fenway (Franklin). Saw my first baseball game there. Saw my first football game there (Patriots vs. Bills, a LONG time ago). Dad taught me how to swear at opposing outfielders and sneak beer into the ball park there. Now my daughter is going to college there and going to the games (huge fan, and played fast-pitch softball all though HS and college). She gets drunk and calls me from her seat in Fenway. Got me seats for the two ALCS games against Oakland last year. Love the strip and won't miss it from now on.

Since 1978, we've been hearing about one of the biggest chokes in the history of sports. That of course was the Sox blowing a 14 game lead. But I contend that losing a 10.5 game lead in August is exactly the same "level of choke." Filthy rotten, feces eating Yankee fans better realize this. As of this morning they're still 2.5 games out but we're coming up the rear quicker than Michael Jackson if he had a Little Leaguer stay over.

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